Microsoft has acquired GitHub

The deal comes amid recent deal talks reported by Business Insider and could be announced as soon as Monday.

The San Francisco-based web-hosting service for software development was last valued at $2 billion as a result of a $250 million round of funding back in 2015.

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According to Bloomberg's sources the Github team, who has not had a CEO for 10 months, were reportedly impressed by the outward-looking Satya Nadella. It also helps Microsoft, which is increasingly relying on open-source software, to add programming tools and tie up with a company that has become a key part of the way Microsoft writes its own software. The suggested buying price for Microsoft may be an even higher $5 billion, marking it as one of the top five acquisitions by Microsoft in all time.

The change may have occurred when CEO of GitHub, Chris Wanstrath stepped down in August 2017.

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Over the past few years, GitHub and Microsoft were having conversations to pursue acquisition but nothing materialized. GitHub didn't return an email seeking request for comment.

According to the Bloomberg report, GitHub lost $66 million over three quarters in 2016 and remains in the red. The company joined the Open Source Initiative as a full member late a year ago and has also open-sourced various components of Windows itself, alongside many other gestures of goodwill.

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There have always been rumors that Microsoft has an interest in buying GitHub, but in recent weeks it seems that talks between the two companies have been getting more serious.

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