Added security for graduates of Texas school where 10 killed

President Trump says 'we're going to have a little fun' before traveling to meet with Texas school shooting survivors

Volunteers pray before bringing crosses to the lawn in front of Santa Fe High School on May 21 in Santa Fe Texas

President Donald Trump headed Thursday to Texas, where he plans to meet with families of the victims of a school shooting that left 10 people dead.

It was a private event that sold tickets for $5,000 a person for the luncheon or $25,000 for those who wanted to take a photo with the president.

"Nothing says fun like meeting the parents of children slaughtered in a high school shooting", freelance journalist David Storey tweeted. "Thank you Mr. Trump".

Students attend the Santa Fe High School graduation ceremony June 1, 2018, in Santa Fe, Texas. The Republican and staunch gun-rights supporter released a 43-page report that also included suggesting more mental health screening for students.

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The president was to meet with victims of the latest mass shooting, as another meeting of his school safety commission convened, CBS2's Janelle Burrell reported.

"He's the president of the United States, but he's also a father", Shah said.

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has been accused of insensitivity when speaking to the family members of people who had been killed. A 17-year-old student identified as the shooter is being held on capital murder charges.

Trump flew to spend some time with the victims' families before heading on to a fundraiser in Dallas.

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And Renato Mariotti, another former federal prosecutor, retorted , "If this sounds like tyranny to you, that's because it is". Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Will Hurd (R-TX) on Sunday warned President Donald Trump against pardoning himself .

'Run at such a pace that you show those who have fallen you're not just a high school graduate, you are a Santa Fe Indian, ' she said, according to ABC 13.

Additionally, the report makes suggestions for "hardening" schools, meaning making the physical building more hard for intruders to enter as well as installing new security measures like active shooter alarms and providing more training for students and staff.

As the Parkland students became vocal advocates for gun control, embracing their public positions as few school survivors had before, Trump quickly became a rallying cry for their anger.

To this point, there has not been a similar outcry for restrictions on firearms from the students and survivors in deep-red Texas.

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But there have been moments when Trump has displayed a softer side. "I can assure you I will never allow Second Amendment rights to be infringed, but I will always promote responsible gun ownership", Abbott said as he listed off pro-gun legislation he had signed and cases he fought as state attorney general.

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