San Francisco protesters blocks Google buses

ImageProtesters used scooters to block at least a dozen tech-industry buses Thursday in San

ImageProtesters used scooters to block at least a dozen tech-industry buses Thursday in San

The Examiner reported that almost 60 protesters stuck a bunch of e-scooters in front of a Google bus at Valencia and 24th streets, and planted an orange smoke grenade atop the pile.

- Orange smoke billowed from scooters thrown in front of tech buses Thursday morning in the Mission District in an only-in-San-Francisco protest to decry the ills of gentrification.

The demonstration was organized by housing advocates from San Francisco and San Jose to protest "the continued techsploitation of our public space, workers and environment".

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"We need to have open arms for everybody that comes to our city, and everybody that lives here, and that includes people that live in our technology community, and every other profession in our city", said San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell.

As tenant-rights activist Chirag Bhakta told the San Francisco Examiner, "it's absurd scooters have more rights than the homeless do", a Google employee countered that he is a San Francisco native and is allowed to live in the city. We will solve them *only* if we work together.

The spark? The cost of living in the Bay Area which has surged with the rapid growth of Silicon Valley's tech industry, widening wealth inequality, particularly in San Francisco.

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The city is requiring the three major scooter companies - Lime, Bird, and Spin - to remove their devices from sidewalks on June 4 until they've been issued permits.

"I don't know why we're being identified with scooters", a Google employee who exited one of the buses told Motherboard.

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