On cam: New Jersey cops punch woman on a beach

She's facing two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and other charges according to Wildwood police

On cam: New Jersey cops punch woman on a beach

The officer punches the women as she resists. "She was very cooperative, but for whatever reason, the police didn't stop there", Dicht said.

Off-camera, the encounter became more tense.

Officers are heard conversing with Weinman about the alcohol possession.

"How are you gonna "let us go"?" "I tried grabbing her".

He asks the other officer for cuffs. After a bystander tells the officer to refrain from throwing blows, Weinman yells out, "you're not allowed to beat me like that". He is in pursuit.

"OK, that's it ― I'm done with you", one police officer can be heard saying in the video before asking his partner for handcuffs.

Wildwood police gave a different version of the incident.

After the officer re-activates his camera, the second video starts with Weinman debating with police. She argues that the alcohol isn't opened, but one of the officers tell her that because the bottle is visible, she can be charged for an "open display". The two wrestle on the ground, as she repeatedly shouts "get the fuck off me" and "I didn't do anything".

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Wildwood Mayor Ernest Troiano told The Philadelphia Inquirer that Weinman was "by far the aggressor here".

"Open display", police respond to Weinman. "Maybe not. But then again maybe she did deserve it, I don't know", Troiano added. "(Women) can be hard to control. "They're kicking, they don't care". "At that point, I blacked out and fought any way possible trying to get up and push him off me".

A call to the mayor's office was not returned.

When the woman refuses to give her last name, the officer loses his patience.

Screen capture from Wildwood Police video.

Weinman was on probation stemming from a 2014 arrest on charges of burglary. According to the police statement, she is seen striking the officer on the torso, which also turns off the body camera, according to police. The camera was reactivated during the struggle with the woman seen in the third video.

"These guys were looking for something".

He also told FOX 29 he's going through more than 200 emails and attempting to respond to a lot of them. Wildwood police said on its Facebook page that 20-year-old Emily Weinman of Philadelphia faces multiple charges, including assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest.

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In the first body camera video released Wednesday, an officer approaches Weinman and a friend and confronts them about underage drinking.

Emily might even be able to sue over the officers' actions.

Weinman's attorney says after seeing the new body camera footage, his view hasn't changed.

The video does not clearly support his or Weinman's version of events.

Weinman shouts that she is being choked.

"This young lady attacked our officer", Troiano said. All are Class II special law enforcement officers.

A court date was set for June 6, though Dicht said it will probably be rescheduled for an unknown date. He said police wrote hundreds of tickets over the weekend.

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