B.C. files constitutional challenge of Alberta's fuel restriction law

​Senate passes bill calling for Ottawa to back Trans Mountain | Regulatory

B.C. files lawsuit against Alberta government over Bill 12

Court documents filed with Alberta's Court of Queen's Bench say B.C.'s Attorney General was bringing the action against Alberta's Attorney General on the "unconstitutionality of the Preserving Canada's Economic Prosperity Act".

Alberta sees the pipeline as key to moving bitumen from the province to the west coast and from there to lucrative overseas markets.

Instead, Notley said she will meet with Kinder Morgan officials. That's the deadline (May 31) the company set to make a firm decision whether to keep going with the pipeline or not. But if it does, make no mistake, the fault will be Ottawa's and Alberta's every bit as much as B.C.'s.

She says it's not business as usual because B.C. Premier John Horgan is trying to shut down the pipeline and take $15 billion out of the Canadian economy.

With that deadline looming, B.C. business leaders flew to Edmonton last Thursday to show their backing for the project, which would almost triple the flow of diluted bitumen from the Alberta oilsands and increase tanker traffic sevenfold.

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"I think we have a company that is very serious about this project and very serious about the risks as they perceive them with respect to starting construction of this project", he said. "If there is a path to move forward, the federal government should be the lead in the collaboration in attempting to find that path", he said.

As the clock ticks down to Kinder Morgan's deadline on the Trans Mountain expansion project, CIBC's economics team is warning "inaction is not an option" for Canada when it comes to pipeline development. "We'll let the courts sort it out". But the text of Bill 12, enacted last week by the Alberta legislature, made no mention of B.C. "They are still reserving the right to play legal rope-a-dope until the cows come home".

The B.C. government is challenging the constitutionality of an Alberta bill that, if passed, could allow that province to restrict the export of refined oil into this province.

"It is not to stop the pipeline or prevent it", Eby argued.

"A catastrophic oil spill, and our ability to clean it up, would compromise that economic activity".

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"This project is essentially an expansion and a debottlenecking of an existing pipeline so it's very hard to build the project without selling the original Trans Mountain asset, which is of course a very complicated prospect".

Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs, who represents Lakeland in northeast Alberta, will introduce the bill to the House of Commons within the next two days, Cousineau said.

Statements of claim contain information that has not been proven in court.

Next day, Alberta energy minister Margaret McCuaig-Boyd expanded on the threat on the floor of the Alberta legislature.

He pointed out that the richer the deal, the longer the list of potential replacements for Kinder Morgan, which could include pension or private equity funds.

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