Zarif says Russian stance on nuclear deal is 'promising'

Zarif says Russian stance on nuclear deal is 'promising'

Zarif says Russian stance on nuclear deal is 'promising'

Alarm has been particularly high in France, whose energy giant Total previous year signed a $5bn deal to extract Iranian natural gas.

Major European powers and Tehran committed Tuesday to keep working together to save the Iran nuclear deal despite U.S. President Donald Trump 's determination to kill it off.

Mr Hook argued the US President's decision will stand in the pursuit of a new deal with Iran that will prevent the rogue state developing nuclear weapons.

It was an irony that escaped few European officials: They were trying to find ways to ease the economic pressure on Iran and keep it in the nuclear deal, while Washington was trying to increase that pressure for unclear ends.

O'Sullivan delivered a rousing endorsement of the deal and expressed his profound dismay at Trump's May 8 decision to withdraw from it.

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"If you add to this cocktail wars and tensions in the Middle East and the United States withdrawal from the nuclear deal with all its political, economic and energy consequences, the most likely trend is upward".

"And I will get that sorted out, we're in very close consultation already with our European allies". It was signed in 2015. The commission is expected to unveil them to European Union leaders at a summit in Sofia, Bulgaria, on Wednesday. The US Treasury Department immediately after the decision began reimposing sanctions on Iran.

He says the European powers believe the U.S. should work to prevent Iran's nuclear activities from returning to its pre-JCPOA situation, while it is no longer committed to the deal. The White House has said the USA will put those sanctions back into place. Last month, 26 former top-ranking Israeli military and security officials signed a letter urging the United States to maintain the agreement, stating unequivocally that the deal is working and that a US decision to pull out would undermine not just USA security, but Israel's security as well.

The administration says the lifting of sanctions as part of the nuclear pact had allowed Iran to build up its military.

There are some exaggerations in the declared reasons, like the concern about shared security, just like the case is with exaggerations pertaining to freedom and human rights that determine European political positions.

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Russian Federation will benefit most from a withdrawal from Iran by European and other global companies.

However, Ryabkov added that Moscow did not believe the accord could be amended to include limits on Iran's actions in the Middle East or its ballistic missile program, as has been demanded by US President Donald Trump.

In a tweet on Sunday, Trump wrote: "Remember how badly Iran was behaving with the Iran Deal in place". "They were dishonest actors - so the deal... was made on things that were not accurate, particularly the fact that Iran's nuclear capability was far more advanced and further along than they indicated". "It didn't bring calm, it didn't bring peace, and it never will". "It would not stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons".

In response to Trump's assertions, O'Sullivan countered one of the key "myths" about the deal.

Ed Royce, the California Republican who chairs the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, said Tuesday at a hearing that he anxious that a withdrawal "would actually set back" efforts to toughen the existing deal and add pressures on Iran.

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The French government is seeking waivers and longer transition periods from the United States for companies such as Renault and Total, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said, while pressing for European Union measures to improve the bloc's “economic sovereignty” in the longer term.

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