Keyless cars have a unsafe downside that has killed dozens of people

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A lovely balanced architectural composition

More than 40 others have been injured, some with brain damage so severe that they struggle to perform everyday tasks. Because some auto models are so quiet, it is easy for some drivers to forget the vehicle is still running, and when a vehicle is in a garage, this becomes a serious problem.

Regulations require automakers to address other hazards associated with keyless vehicles - theft and rollaways - and those measures might also reduce the carbon monoxide danger.

Read the full New York Times report.

Despite a growing number of fatalities, most automakers haven't introduced safety systems which could prevent a deadly buildup of carbon monoxide.

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The lawsuit claimed there had been 13 carbon dioxide-related deaths in the USA linked to keyless ignition cars.

Drivers of keyless-ignition cars use wireless key fobs, rather than conventional keys, that allow them to lock, unlock, or start their vehicles. A judge dismissed the suit in September 2016.

The engineering group's recommendations, issued in January 2011, called on carmakers to install an "externally audible or visual alert" - implying an unspecified number of beeps, or a warning light - when all doors are closed, the key fob is not present and the engine is still running.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration then proposed a new regulation in line with the Society of Automotive Engineers idea.

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A class-action lawsuit linked to carbon monoxide deaths and keyless cars was dismissed by a NY judge in 2016. "But the inquiry was quickly and inconclusively wound down", the Times reported.

Toyota told the outlet its keyless ignition product "meets or exceeds all relevant federal safety standards".

According to The Times, there have been at least 28 deaths and 45 injuries caused by carbon monoxide emitted from vehicles with keyless ignitions since 2006. "Once NHTSA has finished its review and determined the best path forward, NHTSA will take appropriate action", the agency said in March in a statement to the Times.

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