FCC fines robocall spammer $120 million for illegal spoofing

The Federal Communications Commission has fined a Florida man $120 million for making millions of robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission has fined a Florida man $120 million for making millions of robocalls

And now he's paying the price.

A man suspected of making tens of millions of robocalls faces a $120 million fine from the Federal Communications Commission.

The FCC said in June "Abramovich is the perpetrator of one of the largest - and most risky - illegal robocalling campaigns that the Commission has ever investigated". The commission finalized the fine on Thursday with the vote at its monthly open meeting.

The FCC said the calls, which violated US telecommunications laws, appeared to offer vacation deals from companies such as Marriott International Inc, Expedia Group Inc, Hilton Inc and TripAdvisor Inc.

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After doing that, they were sent over to a foreign call center where they would be sold on timeshare packages by a real phone operator.

Abramovich made on average over 200,000 calls on Saturdays and made 2,121,106 calls on his busiest day, October 19, 2016. Abramovich admitted the calls but his defense was that this actions had been within the law. Neither Abramovich nor the call center were affiliated with brands presented in the pre-recorded message.

The robocalls offered discounted travel services to Mexico, the Caribbean and Florida, from Expedia, Marriott, Hilton and TripAdvisor, according to the complaint.

"Going after a single bad actor is emptying the ocean with a teaspoon", FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel said in a statement.

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YouMail, a company that blocks robocalls and tracks them, revealed that an estimated 3.4 billion robocalls to consumers were placed in the month of April in the United States, which is an all-time high. But in a Senate Committee hearing called by Sen.

The FCC said on Thursday that it formally handed Adrian Abramovich the record fine for making nearly 100 million robocalls in three months.

Adrian Abramovich was accused of flooding consumers with 97 million phone calls touting fake travel deals, according to Fortune.

"By overloading this paging network, Abramovich could have delayed vital medical care, making the difference between a patient's life and death", the agency said.

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But the FCC alleges the calls disrupted the lives of both individuals and emergency services.

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