Sony Announces Plans for PlayStation Showcase at E3 2018

PlayStation Has Announced The Major Games They’ll Be Showing At E3 Shannon Grixti

PlayStation Has Announced The Major Games They’ll Be Showing At E3 Shannon Grixti

Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shawn Layden has confirmed that the format holder will host its annual E3 showcase on the evening of Monday, June 11. Sony have said all of about five words and then trooped out dozens of game trailers that have been nigh on impossible to keep up with. Ubisoft's E3 2018 press conference looks set to include information about The Division 2 and Beyond Good and Evil 2, while Bethesda has also teased its longest E3 2018 press conference ever.

This year's showcase will feature "deep dives" into four upcoming titles from Sony Interactive Entertainment: Death Stranding by Kojima Productions, Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch Productions, Marvel's Spider-Man by Insomniac Games, and The Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog.

So if you think there are any smokescreen and Sony are going to suddenly drop a load of bold new exclusives at the last minute without anyone knowing, we would advise that you temper those expectations.

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Of course, that's not all Sony will be showing, as Layden says they will still be joined by third parties on their stage.

It doesn't sound like Sony will be announcing any new first-party games during the conference, but you can expect third-party publishers and indie studios to reveal their own games during the show. The entire event will be live streamed as always.

Don't look now, but E3 2018 is almost upon us.

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"It's going to be a very strong centerpiece to all of those four titles we were just talking about". To ring in a new year of incredible new gaming experiences, the PlayStation team is planning a new E3 Showcase - and we're inviting all of our closest friends.

If Sony does do away with the traditional live E3 presentation this year, they won't be the first. P.T. showed that he definitely has the chops to move out into other genres and from what little we've seen of Death Stranding it looks to be an absolute trip.

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