On Camera: Truck jumps onto concrete median, mows down two light poles

The out-of-control truck uproots the first lamp post which shoots out of the ground and lands on the other side of the road before bouncing back over to the driver's side

On Camera: Truck jumps onto concrete median, mows down two light poles

- A video released by the Milwaukee Department of Transportation shows a suspected drunk driver mowing down light poles on a busy highway.

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SCARY! Imagine being one of these drivers in Wisconsin and seeing this truck knocking over light poles.

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It happened last week on Interstate 43. Drivers on the other side tried to swerve out of the way, but that caused a big pileup. Six cars were hit by debris, but nobody was hurt.

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The driver was stopped by police and taken away in handcuffs after Milwaukee County sheriff's deputies administered a field sobriety test, local news outlet WISN reports.

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