Are Women Candidates Winning More In 2018?

As Californians shed their political party labels independent voters are close to outnumbering Republicans

Are Women Candidates Winning More In 2018?

Of the 43 women running for the House in Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia on May 8, 27 of them - or 62.8 percent - won their primary bids. Right now, around three-quarters of women House candidates still in the running are Democrats, according to CAWP, along with around 60 percent of women Senate candidates. Joe Donnelly in November, said Tuesday night's call was his first conversation with the president.

A night Republicans feared would end in disaster in at least one state instead produced Senate nominees that party leaders are pleased to run against three vulnerable Democratic senators in November's midterm elections. In some safe House districts, the primary winner will effectively determine the general election victor. "That often draws primary electorates to the person they feel is most likely to be a fighter for them, somebody who has an edge to their rhetoric". The GOP anxious the brash-ex coal baron would have struggled to defeat Democratic Sen.

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Messer was highly critical of Trump throughout the 2016 general election. The eventual victor of the GOP Senate nomination, state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, emphasized his record fighting drugs and his hardline views on immigration. "Vote Rep. Jenkins or A.G. Morrisey!" On the Democratic side, Manchin is projected to beat challenger Paula Swearengin, according to NBC. It is clear that in these blue-leaning states, Republicans realize that their only chance is to ally themselves with the president hated by the leaders of their party in Washington and to emulate him both in style and - to the limited extent to which this is possible - substance. He is projected to defeat Reps. He proceeded to carpet bomb television with ads characterizing Braun as an "outsider" while portraying Messer and Rokita as two "swamp brothers" cut from the same cloth.

Braun will face Democratic Sen. Candidate and now President Donald Trump, he says, is a primary example of that; "he won in part because he outraged the leadership". There were 5,811 Republican ballots cast, while Democratic ballots turned in totaled just 1,005.

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DeWine, Ohio's attorney general and a former US senator, dispatched Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, who ran a hard-core conservative campaign, by a comfortable 60/40 margin. Women also won 17 out of the 20 open Democratic House primaries which had women on the ballot. But she was more of a threat than her campaign finance numbers indicate: This was the third time her name appeared on a statewide ballot and in a down-ballot race, name ID matters. Meanwhile, Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine defeated Kasich's lieutenant governor, Mary Taylor. Further, the smart money is on Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom to take the top spot, making it a race for second place.

Early on Tuesday, I called Nina Turner, the former OH state senator who is now president of Our Revolution, the Bernie Sanders-inspired organization that picked up where his 2016 campaign left off, and which this year has been recruiting progressive candidates around the country.

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The results came as something of a relief for a party that has suffered a series of setbacks in recent special elections. The GOP-controlled legislature sought to revamp the commission with a ballot initiative that would increase the number of members from five to eight, give lawmakers more control over the pool of commissioners, and bar the practice of drawing districts with slight differences in population size, which experts say now makes it easier to draw districts with non-white majorities. But Ojeda's populist platform combined with his background as a decorated Army veteran who voted for Trump could appeal in a district that was represented by former Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall until he lost his 2014 re-election bid.

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