Apple reportedly planning direct subscriptions for video services

Apple is pulling apps that share users' location data with third-parties report

Apple has reportedly begun pulling apps from the App Store that share user location with third-partiesMore

To follow up with that and to keep working on making TV simpler & easier to use, Apple is expected to unveil a unified way to subscribe to streaming services.

Bloomberg revealed Thursday that Apple is reinventing cable TV by selling subscriptions to video streaming services directly through its TV app.

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Soon, almost every single streaming video subscription will be available at the tap of the finger. The TV app is already a central hub for universally searching through TV shows and movies. Since its launch in 2015, Amazon has regularly added video services that can be accessed through Channels. At the moment Apple's TV app basically consolidates the various streaming services into a single app and it's more about the convenience than anything, where users can just navigate the various services within a single app as opposed to switching apps. Apple could have easily leaned on its vast categories of TV shows and movies to create a compelling lineup.

In its current state, the TV app is simply an app that aggregates content from providers. Many services like HBO, Showtime, Starz, Netflix, and more, they all want subscriptions, which can be bought from within a third-party app or website.

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Apple's new video distribution scheme streamlines its subscription system as it does away with the necessity of developing particular apps for the Apple TV and other devices. Variety has reported that some industry insiders confirmed before that Amazon is the leading seller of video subscription services. Apple is said to be planning to introduce it to the public next year, MacRumors reports. However the big question many are asking is on which platform does Apple plan on debuting them on?

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