"Millennium Falcon parked on Hollywood Blvd. for 'Solo" premiere

"Millennium Falcon parked on Hollywood Blvd. for 'Solo" premiere

Shown on the Hollywood red carpet at the new film's world premiere, the Star Wars-themed SUV takes inspiration from the iconic Millennium Falcon space ship from the popular franchise.

Williams attended the premiere, as did "Star Wars" creator George Lucas.

The Han Solo Season brings new outfits for Leia and Lando.

Upcoming Nokia X shows up in images, specifications out in website listing
The benchmark listing further suggests that the Nokia X will come in three colour variants - Blue, Black and Silver white. Unfortunately, the Nokia X showcased at the event was locked and no details about specifications were made available.

When actors get cast for secret roles in coveted films like, let's say, Solo: A Star Wars Story, they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement which prohibits them from telling others about it. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Han Solo season starts with a return to Jabba's Palace in Blast, Hero Showdown, or Heroes vs. Villains mode. May is basically Star Wars month, so you might as well get in on the action before the movie comes out.

The Disney-owned Lucasfilm delighted fans in April with a sneak peak of the first meeting between Alden Ehrenreich´s young Solo and Donald Glover´s Lando Calrissian. I woke up this morning questioning whether I was excited for this movie and walked out ready to see Han's next adventure on this path.

What Will Constitute Success and Failure for Solo: A Star Wars Story? Based upon the brand's 2018 Nissan Rogue vehicle, the custom show auto takes inspiration from the iconic Millennium Falcon ship and features unmistakable elements from the most-capable ship in the galaxy.

Le gouvernement doit-il prendre en compte le référendum — SNCF
Les syndicats de la compagnie ferroviaire ont entamé début avril un mouvement de grève contre la réforme ferroviaire. Un nouvel épisode de deux jours de grève sur cinq, doit d'ailleurs débuter dès ce samedi soir.

If you prefer Starfighter Custom Arcade, EA is adding a Custom Arcade mode to Star Wars Battlefront II at the request of players.

The Solo event will continue in June with another influx of content that will tie-in to the new film. The posters and print material all look fun and stylized, but the actual trailer looks gray and unsatisfying.

The fate of Boeing's Iran deal
An IranAir Airbus A320 passengers aircraft parks after landing at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla Airport, Serbia, March 13, 2018. Certain exemptions and waivers can be negotiated, but the USA did not say what products or countries might qualify.

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