Matt Lauer Responds to NBC Inquiry: 'I Clearly Disagree With Aspects'

McGowan said she forced Ronan Farrow to take his reporting to The New Yorker

McGowan said she forced Ronan Farrow to take his reporting to The New Yorker

"Two of the four complainants who came forward said that they believe former NBC News or Today Show leadership knew or must have known about Lauer's alleged inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace", the report said.

The report stated that the investigation turned up no evidence that leadership at NBC News, Today or human resources "received complaints" about Lauer's "workplace behavior prior to November 27, 2017".

One woman, who eventually came forward about a sexual encounter with Mr. Lauer, said she told a manager in 1996 about an interaction where Mr. Lauer "placed his hand on her thigh and made a sexually suggestive comment". Current and former members of NBC News and Today Show leadership, as well as News HR, stated that they had never received a complaint about inappropriate workplace behavior by Lauer, and we did not find any contrary evidence.

As part of the investigation, almost 70 former and current employees at the network about whether they had previous knowledge of Lauer's alleged behaviour before the women came forward. That is not acceptable. We can not change the past. "Many interviewed expressed shock upon studying press experiences relating to Lauer's alleged conduct, together with workers who spent important quantities of time with Lauer due to their job duties or having recognized him for years".

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Following the release of Wednesday's report, the woman who accused Mr. Brokaw, Linda Vester, published an op-ed column in The Post that criticized NBC for relying on its own in-house counsel.

Lauer was sacked after the network received a complaint that he took part in inappropriate sexual behavior with a female colleague. "We have already begun to turn the page to establish a safer and more respectful environment", Lack wrote.

An attorney who represented one of the women who came forward to NBC about Lauer's behavior said Thursday called for more to be done. NBC said Curry "did not disclose to anyone in management that she had received a specific complaint". The report indicated that former NBC News executives were contacted, but did not say whether interviews with those executives had taken place.

The findings were based on interviews with 68 current and former employees of the company that were conducted after Lauer was sacked in Novembers following one allegation against him, according to the Daily News.

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General counsel Kim Harris led the review, along with two outside law firms. Three additional women subsequently made complaints about Lauer. To critics, the button seemed an alarmingly useful tool for predatory behavior, but NBC said it is "a commonly available feature in executive offices" and does not lock the door from the inside.

Such a button, the report noted, was a "commonly available feature" in NBC's Rockefeller Center in NY and does not lock the door from the inside, The Washington Post reported.

The report also found no widespread problem of misconduct at NBC.

"Most witnesses interviewed said that that they had heard or learn rumors about Lauer's private life, together with tabloid tales in regards to the troubled state of his marriage and the potential for extramarital affairs, however these witnesses believed, with restricted exceptions, that the rumored extramarital affairs have been with girls outdoors of the Firm", based on the report. The report said it was "possible that new information could surface that could change the factual findings of our investigation and our conclusions".

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