Google wants to use AR to make walking navigation easier in Maps

Google wants to use AR to make walking navigation easier in Maps

Google wants to use AR to make walking navigation easier in Maps

In doing so, it helps you figure out which way you should go.

Google is updating Maps with a couple of new features that it hopes will encourage users to get out of the house and try new things.

The redesigned Explore tab will show you everything that's new and interesting nearby. But now, Google Maps gives out walking direction by showing you a 2D grid over your phone and drawing a blue trail to the destination.

Google calls the upcoming augmented reality feature VPS or visual positioning system.

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Lin stressed that the feed isn't so much about the volume of information but about presenting the right information at the right time and for the right person.

There's also a new For You tab in the app that Google describes in further detail below. Maps will generate lists of Michelin-starred restaurants, for example, or popular brunch spots depending on your context and the time of day.

"Your Match" is a new fourth tab coming in Google Maps this summer. Who doesn't know which direction you're facing when the tool says "turn south?" The score is based on ratings you've added, cuisines you like, and more. Based on the demo I saw, the team actually did a really nice job with this.

You can also long press on a location to add it to a list of places that are easily shareable, making it possible to make a list of your favourite restaurants and share it with friends when they visit.

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Google Maps keeps growing up.

If Google's first choice doesn't strike your fancy, there's also a "Trending this week" column which presents other trending restaurants in the area.

Google used its Tuesday I/O keynote to unveil a pretty killer new feature that may one day come to Google Maps: camera-assisted walking navigation.

Google Maps will be able to update faster and more accurately, thanks to having access directly from satellite feeds and camera archives, allowing more rural places and places that have changing infrastructure to be updated faster.

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