Hillary Clinton praises Jacinda Ardern after secret breakfast in NZ

Hillary Loses


One of the most anticipated topics at the talk, Mrs Clinton reflected on her 2016 USA election loss to Donald Trump, which she also discussed in her new book What Happened.

"Gave them some thought", she said at an event organized in Auckland by The Growth Faculty with ticket prices starting at NZ$195 ($135) and soaring to $595 ($415) for special seats, covered in a live blog in The New Zealand Herald. "That was not the focus of our conversation", she said.

The room started to laugh at her comment.

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Those airlines included American carriers, and the White House response on Saturday was swift, reports Reuters . Hong Kong and Macau are former European colonies that are now part of China but run largely autonomously.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern met with Ms Clinton on Monday morning over an hour-long breakfast - and Ms Clinton was complementary about our history of female leaders.

Hosted by The Growth Faculty, the former secretary of state discussed sexism, particularly in the US, and how she said it impacted her political aspirations.

An interpreter will now be present every week at her press conference.

Brad Marchand réplique au Canadien sur Twitter
S'il léchait un adversaire à nouveau, il ferait l'objet de mesures disciplinaires. Tampa Bay a gagné 4-3, prenant l'avance 3-1 dans la série.

Clinton said although she doesn't plan to run against Trump in 2020, she believes he could be defeated since "we now know a lot more about the kind of campaign he runs and the kind of candidate he is". "It's not about me personally anymore because I'm out of politics, at least electoral politics, but I'm very much in mode as an active citizen and when I see things that I think are going to be harmful, they're going to be harmful to my country, harmful to my country's leadership in the world, maybe harmful to my grandchildren, I'm going to keep speaking out".

His visit, according to Obama's friend and former Kiwi prime minister John Key, was kept low-key as not to "trample over the new administration", but Ardern rejected the suggestion that her meeting with Trump's former rivals would impact the relationship between the two countries.

Clinton would also recount parts of her New York Times best-selling book, What Happened.

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As part of this process, WHO Member States and all relevant stakeholders are invited to comment on the draft guidelines . Trans-fatty acids can occur naturally in meat and dairy products from ruminant animals (e.g. cattle, sheep, goats, etc).

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