Black Students Yanked Off Stage

The graduates did a celebratory dance as their names were called prompting the man to forcibly shove them along

The graduates did a celebratory dance as their names were called prompting the man to forcibly shove them along

Oliver Telusma, 21, who earned a degree in political science with an eye toward going to law school, said he was one of the graduates who was manhandled when he started to dance on stage.

The backlash prompted the school to release an apology to the students.

The University of Florida has issued an apology, stating on Twitter, "We were inappropriately aggressive in rushing students across the stage".

Online videos reveal an unidentified white usher actively forcing black students off the stage as they took a few seconds to celebrate their achievements by dancing for the hoards of attendees or performing other triumphal gestures.

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But when the white faculty member grabbed black students, some were unable to see beyond skin color.

The University of Florida is facing allegations of racism after a faculty member forcibly yanked several minority students off the stage during their graduation ceremony.

Those at the graduation posted video footage on Twitter, sparking outrage as people claimed that he was discriminating and only acted excessively violent with the black students.

University of Florida graduate Christopher Garcia-Wilde told ABC News that the usher appeared to shove black students who were strolling, a "cultural tradition in historically black fraternities and sororities".

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"I feel like you waited so long, you paid so much money, you should be allowed to do what you want and be able to express yourself", said college student Laura Sanchez. Busted my ass to graduate with highest honors and they couldn't even make time to say my middle name, which carries family legacy.

Fuchs reiterated his comments during a speech at another one of the university's spring commencement ceremonies on Sunday afternoon.

In another tweet, the university said it was "proud of the achievements" of every graduate.

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