Cardinals (and their fans) should embrace Josh Rosen's fiery confidence

Cardinals (and their fans) should embrace Josh Rosen's fiery confidence

Cardinals (and their fans) should embrace Josh Rosen's fiery confidence

The Arizona Cardinals boldly traded up from No. 15 to 10 in the first round, snagging Josh Rosen before the Miami Dolphins could get their hands fins on him.

He told reporters: "There were nine mistakes made ahead of me, and I'm going to make sure they all know it was a mistake".

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Rosen doesn't think his outgoing personality will hinder his ability to make a smooth transition to the Cardinals' locker room.

Smith called Rosen's comments "idiotic" - "I'm not calling him an idiot, literally", Smith said - and declared that Rosen would regret uttering those words. "There were three big mistakes ahead of me".

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Goff and Wilson are only under contract through 2019, but with the former's fifth-year option and Seattle unlikely to move on from Wilson anytime soon, the core group of quarterbacks will remain intact for several years to come. "I'm just going to encourage people to speak their mind and have opinions, and shape those opinions, have those opinions, have a conversation". But honestly, it's a blessing in disguise. Let me ask you a question, Josh Rosen, when somebody knocks you upside your head or caves your chest in to the point where you are gasping for air because a grown man puts you down, what does that have to do with anything?

"He looks like he needs to be in the weight room just as much as me, and on top of it all you're going into the National Football League, where grown men whose livelihoods are on the line", Smith said. "If (there's) as little gray area as a buffer between you and your offensive coordinator as can be, the better". The price was minimal for a team seeking its franchise quarterback, making it just about a no-brainer for Arizona.

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Hey, the I-fell-too-far chip is a real thing. "I am who I am, and I think that's why I'm very grateful to be an Arizona Cardinal because the team that picked me, they picked me. Sorry to say that", Rosen said. "I don't have to answer; I can actually just produce the proof in the pudding".

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