Snapchat Launched its Second-Generation Spectacles with Revamped features

Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Launched its Second-Generation Spectacles with Revamped features

Snapchat has just launched an updated version of its Snap Spectacles with a number of improvements over the original including the ability to take still images and throw in water-resistance as well.

First, the basics: Spectacles 2 cost $150-$20 more than the first-generation version-but feature a more streamlined form factor that fits "more easily in a trousers pocket", according to the Verge.

Snap unveiled a new version of its Spectacles camera glasses on Thursday.

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There's no precise details on the battery life, but Snap's website says it'll manage up to record 70 videos on a single charge. You can now take photos as well as videos - tap the top button to take a 10-second video, or press and hold for a second to snap a photo. The temple area of the frame, which houses the bulk of the electronics, is around one third smaller, while the charging case is more than 20 per cent smaller. You're much more likely to use them as your primary sunglasses.

Spectacles first launched in late 2016, with the company using vending machines that would randomly show up throughout the U.S. as to lone means to get a pair of glasses.

The V2 Spectacles record in 1216 x 1216 pixels, while photos are 1642 x 1642.

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The first time around, the company misjudged interest in a wearable camera, obvious as the idea may sound.

The first reviews of these glasses suggest that they either look super lovely and fashionable - or they're a disaster. Photos and videos are also now captured in HD and transfer to the Snapchat app up to four times faster. Many customers complained about the first generation that they could only hear the person who was wearing the Spectacles, but no one else in the videos.

The new version is also waterproof and can survive rain and can even be worn in the pool or at the beach and submerged. While Google Glass of the past and Magic Leap of the present have promised the world, Spectacles were supposed to approach consumers in a place where they already were in a way that would get them comfortable with wearing a computer on their eyes. While Snapchat made a huge amount of units, they only shipped around 150000 - causing them to lose around $40 million in merchandise and forcing them to lay off around a dozen people. Are Spectacles destined to just be a frat party action camera for your face or can they be something more meaningful down the road?

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Snap's Spectacles 2.0 are available today for purchase on Snap with a price tag of $149.

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