National Basketball Association one-and-done draft rule years away from being changed

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National Basketball Association one-and-done draft rule years away from being changed

The report said: "The levels of corruption and deception are now at a point that they threaten the very survival of the college game as we know it". We are participating in an NABC conference call tomorrow and should have more to share as an organization by the end of the week. This will be a significant part of our upcoming spring meetings, which will include collective discussions among our administrators and coaches.

In making these changes, the Commission (and the Pac-12) hope to improve the atmosphere surrounding college basketball and their recruiting practices.

That's according to Chairman Bud Peterson, the president at Georgia Tech. The commission said it wanted the issue of whether college athletes should be allowed to profit off their fame to be sorted out in the courts before the NCAA looked at new standards. Rice says the sport is worth saving but is deeply flawed, with changes needed in several areas.

There are numerous potential changes to amateurism short of permitting universities to pay salaries to players: stipends; rights to money generated from their names, images and likenesses; and the ability to sign endorsement deals, as Olympic athletes do.

Rice explained Wednesday that the goal in calling on the NBA to end its "one-and-done" rule and make 18-year-olds eligible for the NBA draft was to separate athletes who are on the "college track" from those elite players who aspire only to an NBA career.

If the National Basketball Association declines to abandon one-and-done, Rice said, the panel would re-convene and consider ending freshman eligibility. Only 1.2 percent of all college basketball players go on to play in the NBA - a league where the average career is shorter than five years.

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Others may take a while longer to debate.

It was "like watching a circular firing squad", Rice said of how blame and responsibility for the sport's problems constantly shifted during conversations with coaches, athletic directors, school presidents, the NCAA's staff, apparel companies, agents, parents and athletes.

And it called for the NCAA to join with the NBA and USA Basketball to create a new youth basketball program by 2019 that would have as its centerpiece tournaments and events each July that would be the sole events college basketball recruiters could attend. The commission did not take up the idea of paying athletes for the marketing of their names, images and likeness, citing ongoing legal disputes over that issue.

That's because the issue is still tied up in the courts.

"It is hard for the public, and frankly for me, to understand what can be allowed with the college model - for the life of me I don't understand the difference between Olympic payments and participation in "Dancing With the Stars" - and what can't be allowed without opening the door to professionalizing college basketball".

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"Personally, I hope that there will be more room in the college model today for this kind of benefit to students without endangering the college model itself", Rice said.

"(The recommendations) provide a starting point, a blueprint so to speak, for the future of college basketball. The downside of essentially "forcing" the latter group to enroll in college for one year or less, she said, outweighed the good. The Commission on College Basketball danced around whether college athletes should be able to cash in on their names, images and likenesses.

The Commission on College Basketball, led by Condoleezza Rice, released an in-depth 60-page report detailing the sweeping reforms it thinks is necessary to get illegal and unethical activity under control.

Ten people, including some assistant coaches, have been charged in a bribery and kickback scheme, and high-profile programs such as Arizona, Louisville and Kansas have been tied to possible NCAA violations.

The commission offered harsh assessments of NCAA enforcement.

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