Amazon's new smart speaker with small screen launched in India — Echo Spot

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The Echo Dot Kids Edition - which has all the same internals as a standard Echo Dot - costs $80.

With this "Drop In feature", Amazon aims to recreate the feeling you get when your closest family or friends drop by for a visit or when you walk into another room to talk with someone in your family.

The Echo Spot has a peculiar design and looks like an alarm clock, but is different from other Echo devices available here because of its small screen.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition features a colorful case of either red, green, or blue and provides access to kid-friendly content. There's also a two-year no-questions-asked warranty for damages.

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Echo Dot Kids Edition speakers come with a year of Amazon's FreeTime Unlimited service.

Amazon said the Echo Dot Kids Edition comes with a two-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited. "Once you add a screen to a smart Alexa-powered speaker, the experience becomes much richer", he says. Buy 2 Echo Dots for Rs.7,499 only.

While the regular, $49 Dot is considered a more affordable and accessible version of the Echo speaker, the Kids Edition costs more thanks to its bundled software. The one limitation with the Kids Edition is that it does not accept any drop-ins, calls or messages from Alexa devices outside your home.

While the likes of Google and Apple are making some headway in the home voice assistant market, Amazon remains king. That means you can block certain aspects of what Alexa can do, including shopping, skills, and so on. Echoes with screens, such as the Echo Show or Spot, won't get the feature, however. This new mini screen speaker can do all the things, which the other Echo devices offer.

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Amazon claims that thousands of skills from Alexa India store are now available for the Echo Spot. Also, the kiddie version of Alexa won't allow the young ones to shop, make phone calls outside of the house, or hook up with third party apps such as Spotify or Lyft. During the period when FreeTime is active, Echo Dot will respond to kids in a less mature vocabulary and speak in a kid-friendly way.

Amazon has, for the first time, acknowledged the existence of the next-generation Fire TV that leaked past year.

When will it be available? The product will be similar to the Echo Dot, only it comes with parental controls and child-friendly content.

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