Starbucks issues apology after video of 2 black men being arrested circulates

Two men in Starbucks were arrested for the most ridiculous reason and people are outraged

Two men in Starbucks were arrested for the most ridiculous reason and people are outraged. Crime Starbucks arrest video sparks furore

"The police were called because these men hadn't ordered anything", tweeted author Melissa DePino, who posted a video of the arrest on Thursday. Two people - not the men - can be heard protesting as the police remove the men's chairs and escort them out. They were arrested and released.

The officers then asked the males on three different occasions "politely to leave the location because they were asked to leave by employees because they were trespassing".

"Does anybody else think this is ridiculous?" he asks, calling it "absolute discrimination". "It's absolute discrimination", Mr Yaffe adds. The two men refused and were arrested.

Footage showed officers in Philadelphia taking the men away in handcuffs, as onlookers insisted the pair had done nothing wrong.

If the men meant to make a purchase but were just waiting for their friend to order, then - at the least - it was rather inconsiderate for the Starbucks employees to make them wait to use the bathroom until a purchase had been made.

Attorney Lauren Wimmer, who represents the two men, joined Good Day Weekend on Sunday to discuss the controversial arrest. An officer had even suggested that the two face charges for "defiant trespassing", the report said. He did not mention the person who said he was meeting with the men.

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A spokesman for the district attorney's office said the men were released "because of lack of evidence" that a crime had been committed.

Starbucks quickly issued an apology while expressing disappointment that an arrest happened, and now, CEO Kevin Johnson has addressed the matter in a lengthier statement.

Starbucks has since apologised for the incident which saw the police called on two black men who were sitting waiting for somebody to join their table. A Starbucks official speaking on background told The Washington Post that there is no companywide policy on the issue, leaving the procedure to be decided by local managers. Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of The Province Of Alberta As Represented By Alberta Invest holds 0.1% or 199,000 shares. Still, the pressure will be on Starbucks to further explain why police were called to the scene at all.

"These officers did absolutely nothing wrong", Ross said.

But all hell broke loose at a Philadelphia Starbucks when two young African American men had the temerity to ask to use the restroom before ordering an overpriced cup of coffee.

"So they [Starbucks] are at least consistent in their policy", he said. "They were professional in all their dealings with these gentlemen", Ross said.

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"What did they get called for?" The officers involved in Thursday's did not have cameras on, he said.

Police said they are conducting an internal investigation.

Starbucks does not have a companywide policy on incidents where members of the public are asked to leave, said the company official.

Johnson admitted that the manager of the store in question made a mistake.

Finally, to our partners who proudly wear the green apron and to customers who come to us for a sense of community every day: You can and should expect more from us. A store in the same area of Philadelphia experienced an armed robbery recently, the official said.

The confrontation was captured on a video viewed more than 8 million times on social media, fueling the backlash, which drew responses from Philadelphia's mayor, the city's police commissioner and now the chief executive of the biggest coffee house chain in the world.

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