U.S. pledges additional $16 million to help Venezuelan exiles

Maduro gestures during a TV show with National Constituent Assembly member Diosdado Cabello in Caracas Venezuela

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro gestures during a TV show in Caracas Thomson Reuters

For this reason, he asked the Venezuelan leader to "recognize the humanitarian crisis in his country and allow the countries that want to collaborate, to work together to mitigate and mitigate the suffering that the Venezuelan people are experiencing".

The high-level gathering in Lima on Friday and Saturday is expected to focus in part on the crisis in Venezuela and regional measures to further isolate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his administration.

Richard PenceWhy the Summit of the Americas is better off without Trump US needs to respect Latin American leadership on Venezuela crisis Pence endorses challenger in Texas congressional primary runoff MORE on Friday pledged almost $16 million in humanitarian aid for Venezuelans who have fled a deepening economic and political crisis in the country.

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Most of the countries represented favor strong action against Caracas, though are wary of anything that could increase the flow of Venezuelans leaving their impoverished nation.

"In addition, we believe that the fact of having ignored and removed all the powers of the National Assembly is another reflection of the lack of democratic will of the current government of President Maduro", he added.

He added that "the United States and our allies, I believe, are prepared to do much more".

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Today, the United States announced almost $16 million in humanitarian assistance for Venezuelans who have fled their country due to the crisis there. Part of that funding was going to the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR.

The International Organization for Migration says almost one million Venezuelans have left the country over the past two years. These include Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Guyana, Suriname, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, Aruba, and Curacao.

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