Superstition on Friday 13th costs

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Why Friday the 13th is unlucky (unless you're Taylor Swift)

Some argue that the crucifixion, Good Friday, fell on a Friday 13.

The Costa Concordia cruise ship also ran aground off the Italian coast on Friday January 13 2012 resulting in the deaths of 32 people.

Coincidentally researchers at the University of Miami have found Friday the 13th has an impact on the stock markets, with the worst being a loss of 6.1percent on October 13th 1989.

During World War II, the Nazis dropped five bombs on Buckingham Palace on September 13.

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Taylor swift was born on the 13 and turned 13 on Friday.

In May 1981, Pope John Paul II, formerly Cardinal Karol Wojtyla of Poland, was shot four times, but later made a full recovery.

One young boy, 13, was struck by lightning in 2010 at 1:13 p.m., or 13:13, military time. W. Lawson's popular novel Friday the Thirteenth of 1907 contributed to spreading the fear of the date. Some tall buildings do not have a 13th floor. The fear of this date can be so powerful that some people won't travel or make big purchases on that date. In fact, in some cultures, seeing a black cat is considered to be an omen of doom.

Research from Casinopedia shows that 35 per cent of Somerset residents believe breaking a mirror is believed to cause the worst luck, 23 per cent think its walking under a ladder and 13 per cent think its placing shoes on the table. This will continue until 2021, which will have just one. Has anything bad ever happened to you on this day before?

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And if you're like me and live your life according to superstitions, you're definitely on high alert, employing every trick you know to keep the universe at bay, and treading on eggshells in case you accidentally incur its wrath.

That's not to mention the "Friday the 13th" movie franchise that started in 1980, scaring movie-goers out of $380 million at the box office since 1980 with 12 pictures, per Box Office Mojo.

When is the next Friday the 13th?

We need a break; we're guessing you could use one, too. It is believed that for a month to have a Friday the 13th, it must begin with a Sunday.

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