VirnetX +28.1% on Apple patent victory

Apple forced to pay troll

Apple ordered to pay patent troll more than $500 million in iMessage case

A federal jury on Tuesday awarded Internet security company VirnetX hefty damages after Apple was found to have violated VirnetX patents related to secure communication in its FaceTime, iMessage, and VPN On Demand services.

A court in the United States ruled the Cupertino giant had infringed four patents for secure messaging in its iMessage, FaceTime and VPN on Demand apps belonging to technology firm VirnetX. Currently, both the firms have locked horns and are in a legal battle since 2010. Apple will likely not give in a pay up, so the battle will likely not end here. 7 million to VirnetX for encroaching on the patents of its four technologies apparently used in iOS applications as well as FaceTime. While there will nearly certainly be jubilation at the ruling, Apple has a history of appealing.

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In 2017 however, Apple filed an appeal against the USA district court verdict, though it lost the case. It has been determined that 400 million Apple devices that infringe the troll's patents have been sold.

Apple is yet to comment on the case, but things are not necessarily clear cut for VirnetX; around 18 months ago, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board said that the patents were invalid. It's small change for Apple, but an important win for VirnetX.

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Presently, Apple had once again chose to challenge the judgement of the USA district court in the Federal Court of Texas. It doesn't seem certain the company will ever see that $502.6 million payout, though.

For VirnetX, the jury verdict in its favor could be a short-lived victory. VirnetX shares rallied 41% after hours, following a gain of 2.5% to close at $4.10 in the regular session.

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