Orthodox world celebrates Easter

The Greek community finished building the church on Dorchester Street in 1952

The Greek community finished building the church on Dorchester Street in 1952

World leaders meeting to discuss important political matters, Christians celebrating Easter, protesters making a stand against security forces, fitness contests and a bikini slalom, sakura blooming and a U.S. consulate closing - browse Sputnik's weekly gallery and see what's going on around the world.

Eyewitness News stopped by "saint Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church" During it's morning services. "First Sunday after the first full moon, the vernal Equinox on the calendar".

'SNL' returns to take shots at Donald Trump and Fox News
Rapper Cardi B, who also confirmed rumors that she is pregnant with her first child with fiancé OffSet , was the musical guest. Then when Baldwin's Trump complains about migrant caravans, he basically describes " Mad Max: Fury Road ".

The presence of the representatives of the Macedonian church at Sofia Airport, in a chain of events involving the "holy fire" - which Orthodox Christians are alone among Christians in believing to be a miraculous annual Easter event - is seen by many as significant.

Other years, the observances are as much as six weeks apart. The traditional liturgy at Sofia's landmark Alexander Nevsky's cathedral was to begin about a quarter of an hour before midnight, pending which the "holy fire" would be kept in a special receptacle before being distributed.

IPL 2018: Dwayne Bravo stars as Chennai Super Kings beat Mumbai Indians
Sources reports are saying that Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Jacqueline Fernandes are expected to perform in the ceremony. At the time of auction for IPL 2018, Chennai Super Kings failed to select the famous cricketer Ashwin who is well known for CSK.

However, this year the calendars line up so both Eastern Orthodox Christians and Western Christians are observing Holy Week at the same time. In 2005, the practice began of a government aircraft being provided to the church delegation bringing the flame (in a special safe container, considering that it is not necessarily advisable to have a naked flame overseas an aircraft) from Jerusalem.

Véhicule-bélier en Allemagne: un attentat islamiste exclu pour le moment (ministre)
Alors que la police laisse filtrer très peu d'informations, elle n'a cessé d'appeler tout le monde à la plus grande prudence. Selon l'édition en ligne du Spiegel , les autorités allemandes considèrent à ce stade qu'il s'agit d' un attentat .

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