Facebook will add an 'unsend' feature to Messenger in the coming months


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Zuckerberg will testify April 11 - and, incidentally, will face questioning from lawmakers who in the past received substantial campaign contributions from Facebook sources.

Facebook said it had suspended AggregateIQ pending further investigation.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, in charge of protecting privacy rights of individuals, said in a statement that it would investigate, along with their counterpart in British Columbia, whether Facebook and AggregateIQ gave unauthorised access to users' Facebook data.

Moreover, the feature doesn't really justify how Facebook message service works. To get verified, advertisers will need to confirm their identity and location.

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The IMA also conducted blood donation camp at Anurag Hospital here as part of the World Health Day events. The theme of this year's day is " Universal health coverage: Everyone, everywhere ".

It could be a survey, a game or another application that allows users a single sign-on with their Facebook log-in.

Cambridge Analytica said in a statement Wednesday that it had data for only 30 million people. Mr. Zuckerberg said it's important to the company to have these changes done prior to the midterm races this fall. "But they will make it a lot harder for anyone to do what the Russians did during the 2016 election and use fake accounts and pages to run ads". "Any advertiser who doesn't pass will be prohibited from running political or issue ads".

It also ran ads, nearly all of which would likely not have qualified as political ads; at least some would likely be considered issue ads, depending on how exactly Facebook defines issue advertising.

Facebook is also creating a searchable archive of past political ads.

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Facebook was in talks with organisations including Stanford Medical School about the data-sharing project.

The development comes as Facebook faces questions about trust in light of one of its worst privacy scandals in its 14-year history.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has surfaced many details surrounding Facebook's relationship with user privacy.

When the news of that massive breach emerged two weeks ago in the Observer, the number of those whose personal information had been taken was estimated at 50 million but this week Facebook admitted it is likely to be about 87 million.

Zuckerberg Unsent Facebook Messages. Soon You Can, Too
Facebook Canada said on Wednesday that more than 600,000 Canadians had their data "improperly shared" with Cambridge Analytica . After the scandal emerged, a Maryland woman filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Cambridge Analytica and Facebook .

Whether or not he listens to users, Mucky Zuck will listen to Congress next week - because what they say will partially determine how quickly Facebook climbs out of a $90B hole. "And people using our secret message feature in the encrypted version of Messenger have the ability to set a timer - and have their messages automatically deleted", a Facebook spokesperson was quoted as saying in the report. On Instagram's Developer page, it is stated there that the platform will disable Follows and Relationships, Commenting on Public Content, Likes, User Search and Subscriptions immediately.

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