US Visa Applicants, Submit Your Social Media Details

US visa applicants to disclose social media identities

US Visa Applicants, Submit Your Social Media Details

According to notices submitted by the State Department on Thursday, set for formal publication on Friday, the government plans to require almost all visa applicants to the U.S. to submit five years of social media handles for specific platforms identified by the government - and with an option to list handles for other platforms not explicitly required.

If the requirements are approved by the Office of Management and Budget, applications for all visa types would list a number of social media platforms and require the applicant to provide any account names they may have had on them over the previous five years. There are an estimated 14 million visa applications a year that take 21 million annual hours to process.

In a statement emailed to The Register, a State Department spokesperson said the proposed changes follow from President Trump's March 2017 Memorandum and Executive Order 13780 and reflect the need for screening standards to address emerging threats.

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In 2017, the United States started asking some would-be visitors applying for Visas to provide their identities on social media, among other more vigorous screening methods. The only exceptions are those traveling on diplomatic and official government visas.

"We're also concerned about how the Trump administration defines the vague and over-broad term "terrorist activities" because it is inherently political and can be used to discriminate against immigrants who have done nothing wrong", he said.

The proposals are laid out in two new documents slated to be published Friday, kicking off a comment period before the government finalizes the policies.

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The US State Department has said that it plans to require all American visa applicants to submit their social media information. They'll also be asked about potential family connections to terrorism.

In turn, DHS established a task force for using social media to screen immigration applicants.

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