Churches all set to conduct special services in Good Friday, Easter

Why is Easter called Easter

Easter is about eggs and Jesus so what’s up with the weird name

Depending on which of the four gospels you read, Jesus talks a lot or he is mostly silent. While such an image has religious value, it neither represents the bitter sacrifice of the Cross nor God's offering on the Cross.

"Jesus is my everything to me". What excitement he felt knowing Jesus is risen.

Love is not a cheap commodity; it is ready to pay seemingly foolish prices for loving.

"I feel like he is telling me "go ahead, keep it up", he said, referring to God. "I've been a priest now at four different churches, and this is the first time I've come to a place that all of the churches truely come together and do something of this magnitude".

I am aware that Christians are complicit in the political mess in which we find ourselves. The day is a time to grieve over the sin of man and to meditate and rejoice upon God's love in giving His only Son for the redemption of sin. This must not be the case at all.

Overwatch teasing new Uprising event for April
It looks like it'll be Blackwatch's turn to take center stage, in an event that takes place before last year's Uprising. Expect to hear more about Overwatch Uprising in the next week as Blizzard teases new skins and items.

"To me it's all about lifting Jesus up on this day", she said. And if you don't have a year-round tree, don't fret.

When someone hurt us, anger and pain take over. Even many people also abstain from eating meat on this day. But it's always a good idea to check online or call your local branch directly before you make the trip to the bank. No ifs, no buts.

Reviewing the monuments at the Calvary Cross he put in place about six years ago, Odessa businessman John Bushman relayed the story of Jesus to about 50 elementary students and parents.

The results of Jesus' death are very good!

We shouldn't forget the principle of God paying a debt that he did not owe. God's wrath against our sin was satisfied in Jesus' death and resurrection. We are encouraged to become our brothers' keepers and to understand the value of placing the collective good above individual gain.

Government To Make Decision On Russian Diplomats This Morning
Earlier more than 25 countries, have expelled over 150 Russian diplomats in connection with the Salisbury incident. The Kremlin said President Vladimir Putin himself will make the final decision on how to respond.

Heart, that death does not have the last word, that mercy and justice kiss, and that love wins. It is supposed to be shared.

At least at Christmas you get presents and think about babies.

To all who submitted a drawing, thank you and Happy Easter. And it is this celebration that climaxes on the happy day of Easter, the day when Christ rose again.

Just metres away from the chapel we came across the L'Isle-Adam band club, exhibiting reproductions of a myriad of biblical artefacts from the days surrounding Jesus' crucifixion - from a bag containing the 30 silver coins Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin for, to the sword Simon Peter used to cut Malchus' ear off. If you can work hard to earn things on Earth, the more you have to work hard to accumulate your riches in heaven. "Upon Him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and by His wounds we are healed".

Easter will be celebrated at Watkins Field on Lewis Main at 6 a.m., near the break of dawn Sunday morning.

US Economic Growth Revised Up for Fourth Quarter
GDP grew 2.9 per cent in the fourth quarter, 0.4 points higher than the prior estimate, the Commerce Department said. Inventories subtracted 0.53 percentage point from GDP growth after adding 0.79 percentage point in the prior period.

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