Massive Reorg Will Lead to 'Intense and Maniacal Focus'

Facebook comes with a streaming video app for Xbox One	
				By			Costea Lestoc

Facebook comes with a streaming video app for Xbox One By Costea Lestoc

Myerson, who joined Microsoft after it bought his startup in 1996, will stay on for a few months as part of a transition plan.

As part of the reorganization, work on Windows is set to be split up between two groups.

Microsoft (msft) investors also certainly would be thrilled if the Windows business could shift from one-time sales to recurring subscriptions as successfully as the company shifted its Office business. With Guthrie now leading AI as well as Microsoft's Cloud efforts, Harry Shum will continue to lead Microsoft's Research and AI efforts. Belfiore will be responsible for sharing more of the Windows roadmap at the company's Build developer conference in May.

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Microsoft is undergoing a major reorganization, shaking up the Windows group as the company prioritizes the injection of artificial intelligence into its products.

Microsoft now is structured around a handful of key teams: WDG, Office, Cloud and Enterprise, AI + Research, and Gaming. Prior to those roles, Myerson ran Windows Phone and the Exchange email server. Guthrie, a Microsoft lifer, is being given control of some of Microsoft most important bets on cloud and edge computing driven by applied machine-learning techniques. The Windows platform team led by Harv Bhela, Henry Sanders and Michael Fortin will join Jason's team. Until we hear from Myerson directly at some point in time, the announcement Microsoft made today is a rather surprising one.

In his e-mail to all MS employees, CEO Satya Nadella said that the changes are meant to help Microsoft focus on "the intelligent cloud and the intelligent edge". I will cherish these memories of sheer fun with the team as much as anything else I take away from my 21 years at Microsoft.

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The current executive vice president for the product group, Rajesh Jha, will head the experiences and devices division. Windows, Office, third-party applications and devices will all fall under the team's purview.

You can select which of your known user groups to make your new app or game visible to in the Visibility section of the Pricing and Availability page when submitting. "Among other steps, we are investing in strategies and tools for detecting and addressing bias in AI systems and implementing new requirements established by the GDPR".

"While there is great opportunity, ensuring we always act responsibly for our customers and partners will continue to be a hallmark of our work", Nadella wrote.

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