Trump signs bill to keep gov't open through September

Dreamers’ angry as Trump blames Democrats over immigration

Trump signs bill to keep gov't open through September

"We funded the initial down payment of $1.6 billion".

Your suddenly changing course and signing the outrageous Omnibus Bill, that is. He pinned his signature mostly on ensuring US military forces have what they need.

Trump - who'd hailed the deal Thursday - went on to tout the new spending bill's $655 billion in military spending as a necessity that enshrines the US armed forces as "by far the strongest in the world".

But he also delivered a warning to lawmakers, though conservative figures quickly slammed him for saying it.

"I will never sign another bill like this again". She heaped praise on Trump and his effect on congressional elections, and called on GOP candidates to beat their Democratic opponents so that they'll stop pestering the Trump agenda.

His latest rant involved the Omnibus Spending Bill.

President Donald Trump is flanked Friday by (from left) Defense Secretary James Mattis, Vice President Mike Pence and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross a.

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During the omnibus bill signing today, President Trump offered a surprisingly strong message to DACA recipients.

The president's remarks on the bill included a call for the elimination of the filibuster in the Senate as well as a request for Congress to give him a "line-item veto" for all spending bills. "I was thinking about doing the veto", Trump said. And it happened - as it so often does - via a tweet.

While criticizing the plan's relative lack of funding for a border wall and failure to address an immigration program for children, Trump described the military increases as essential to national security, USAToday reported.

"The Republicans are with you, they want to get your situation taken care of", Trump said, speaking directly to DACA participants. "The Democrats fought us".

DACA is a policy instituted by former president Barack Obama that protected them from deportation. And he told them Democrats are "using you". But having stated that he might veto the bill over the issue, Trump apparently wanted to back up just how much he wanted a DACA fix in this bill. Neither Speaker Paul Ryan nor Senate Leader Mitch McConnell commented publicly on it.

"Is the president going to sign the bill?".

In signature fashion, he soon went from upset with the deal to declaring victory.

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He also took a shot at Democrats in that tweet, saying "had to waste money on Dem giveaways", but didn't mention DACA.

But he made a decision to sign the measure to secure an increase in military funding and $1.6 billion to begin construction of a wall on the nation's southern border with Mexico, Trump explained during remarks at the White House.

Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wis., accused Trump of making a "loser's bluff". "If you want to think that you're getting a wall, you just think it and sign the bill".

Several people panned Mr Trump's empty veto threat. It is more likely his motivation for shocking the political system came from his friends, whom he spends hours calling in the evening, and cable news.

The $1.3 trillion budget signed Friday by President Donald Trump continues support for the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities and other agencies he sought to eliminate. During the campaign, Trump promised the Mexican government would pay for the cost to build a wall. The White House needs better legislative staff to ensure nothing similar to this ever makes it to his desk.

Although Trump aides declared Thursday that he meant to sign the bill, there were signs of his displeasure with various aspects of it. It also again highlighted how he often undermines his top aides. While Marc Short, White House legislative affairs director, doesn't appear to be anxious by the tweet, stating to CNN that he thinks "we'll be OK", others are rooting for Trump to go through with the veto.

The government faces a midnight shutdown if a spending bill is not signed.

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The $1.3 trillion spending package passed the House 256-167, with the "no" votes coming from both sides of the aisle: 90 Republicans and 77 Democrats. They would not do it, he said.

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