Google Home Lets You Set Location-Based Reminders

Home Automation: Google Assistant, Amazon Cloud Cam Pick Up New Abilities

Google launches Google Assistant Routines

Routines helpfully allows you to group actions together, meaning users are no longer required to specifically activate each device (or ask for updates etc.) in their home - think the Google alternative to Amazon scenes. For example, "remind me to pick up milk when I'm at the store".

Google will be starting with six specific routines according to the company's support page on the topic with "Good morning", "Bedtime", "Leaving home", "I'm home", "Commuting to work", and "Commuting home" being the phrases you'll get to stylize. You can tweak this to trigger the assistant to: tell you the day's weather, commute time, calendar and reminders; turn your Android phone off silent; adjust smart home devices to predefined "morning" settings and then play music/radio/news/a podcast or audiobook from where you left off. That's available free from the App Store. It's live right now on a Home near you. Google has now launched Routines in the US.

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There are some limits, it seems, however.

A location-based reminder is triggered, as the name indicates when you're at a certain location. It is also being reported that the Google Assistant "Routines" will replace the already available "My Day" feature from the services list.

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Similarly, depending on how you phrase the request, the Assistant doesn't always recognize the difference between a general reminder and a location-based one. You can't, in our testing today, say that you need to collect clothes from a named dry cleaners, for instance.

I just tested this on my Google Home and it worked fine.

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