Ben Affleck & Matt Damon To Add Inclusion Rider In Their Future Projects

Ben Affleck & Matt Damon To Add Inclusion Rider In Their Future Projects

Ben Affleck & Matt Damon To Add Inclusion Rider In Their Future Projects

Damon, Ben Affleck and Paul Feig are jumping on the inclusion rider bandwagon following Frances McDormand's Oscar acceptance speech.

Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni said late Monday on Twitter that Damon and Affleck's production company Pearl Street Films would be adopting the inclusion rider in conjunction with USC's Annenberg Inclusion Initiative.

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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, who jointly run the production company Pearl Street Company, are reportedly set to include the inclusion rider in their future projects.

The term reached wide public consciousness earlier this month at the 90th Academy Awards, when best-actress victor Frances McDormand noted it in her acceptance speech. An inclusion rider is a way for actors and actresses to guarantee projects they work on have a level of diversity, onscreen and off-camera, that matches the location setting of the project.

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The duo, who founded the company in 2012, are following in the footsteps of Michael B. Jordan, who pledged to adopt inclusion riders at his production company following Frances McDormand's Best Actress speech at the Academy Awards. It is a "contract clause for actors that would require filmmakers to meet diversity benchmarks in their cast and crew", the New York Times reported. Damon's tone-deaf comments on sexual harassment in Hollywood have been met with backlash on more than one occasion, leading him to apologize.

"For those of you asking about the #InclusionRider, it's created to ensure equitable hiring in supportive roles for women, POC, the LGBT community, & people w/disabilities", the tweet said. Others called it a step in the right direction.

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If major stars in Hollywood start adapting these riders, they could help to normalize inclusion until the practice actually becomes the norm.

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