UFC Champ Tyron Woodley I'm Training Mayweather ... For MMA Fight!

Ben Askren

UFC Champ Tyron Woodley I'm Training Mayweather ... For MMA Fight!

"That fight happens at the end of the year, me and Conor", Lee said at a UFC 222 media scrum. "I think that's the fight that everybody's been looking forward to, and is right there within striking distance". - Tyron Woodley speaking on TMZ Sport's The Hollywood Beatdown.

This is just the latest chapter in the never-ending saga that is the Mayweather and the UFC.

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Woodley suggests that Mayweather could absolutely win in the cage and he has the ideal gameplan devised for him.

That all seems a bit far-fetched if the goal here is to fight Conor McGregor, but not so long ago Mayweather's camp brought up CM Punk's name as a potential opponent, and given that he's still just an MMA novice himself, if that cringworthy match-up was made then anything could happen. Floyd Mayweather has been teasing a transition into MMA like a politician, flipping and flopping on whether it will really happy or not. So it's the same thing to stop the shot before it gets to us through footwork. "Blocking kicks. There's no point in him trying to learn how to kick". Defending kicks, identifying when a body is about to throw a kick. If he comes back and when he fights, then.if he beats Tony Ferguson then obviously he'll have it.

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"How many guys in the UFC that can't wrestle and can't grapple, consider themselves a stand-up fighter?"

While an obvious scenario would most certainly be McGregor submitting the world-class striker, Woodley challenges that narrative by pointing to the Irishman's lack of grappling skills. You got Conor, that has a belt, but the man is not a champion and I think he even knows that.

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"Conor is not that great of a wrestler". So if he can't land one of those kicks on Floyd and can't take him down...

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