PS4 update 5.50 adds a host of new features

PlayStation 4 Update 5.50

Firmware 5.50 Changelog - PS4

The silent but deadly system software update is packing some pretty powerful features, including a whole host of parental control options that should come in handy as the console covets a more casual audience.

Other than that, 5.50 does feature some other handy new features outside of VR. This process substantially reduces the presence of "jaggies", the stair-step jagged lines you'll often see on foliage, power lines, fences, and line edges more generally within a given game. These can be viewed and managed from a PC and a phone. They can see exactly for how much time the children have been playing, how much time is left and they can fine tune the allocated play time, logging out the child when playtime is over, with a warning beforehand (thus allowing them to save and exit). If you don't have a now active PS+ subscription, the PS+ logo with a padlock next to it will appear, letting you know you don't now have access to a game.

To set your logo and background, head over to Events Teams select your team Edit Team Profile. It's possible to set up certain hours when playing is allowed - like 10:00 1:00 p.m. on weekends - and automatically log out the user when time is up. Players can also hide games and applications that are no longer needed from the Purchased menu. PlayStation Plus will now appear in the library to help keep track of free games. Supersampling, also called downsampling, is the process of rendering a game internally at a very high resolution, then scaling it to a lower resolution for display on a TV or monitor. Just go to Settings Themes Select Theme Custom Select Image USB Storage Device.

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On the quick menu, (Online Friends) has been changed to (Friends).

Quick Menu Enhancements If you ever want to quickly access specific friends in your custom list, you'll be able to do so via the pulldown menu under the Friends tab in Quick Menu.

PS4 firmware 5.50 is finally available for all the users around the world, weighing in at around 438MB.

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Whenever you're listening to music on PS4, you'll be able to access certain shortcuts from the Quick Menu.

We don't know yet how many titles support this mode, but it should offer a significant visual upgrade.

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