Texas primary results are in, Democrats show up in record numbers



Why are we noting this eight months before the election?

Texas is still Texas. While that is meaningful, it is not proof that Texas will turn blue.

Early media reports showing Democratic voters overwhelming their Republican counterparts at the ballot box turned out to be overhyped and misleading. Check out the the total vote in the big statewide races, for example.

Dating back to 1970, turnout by each party in midterm primaries in Texas has not necessarily been associated with strength in statewide general elections.

"Any increase in a primary electorate is some kind of a new voter, and that is a new level of engagement", said Ed Espinoza, executive director of Progress Texas, a progressive strategy firm in Texas. They cast a record 1.5 million ballots Tuesday, topping the previous GOP record in 2010, and suggesting that voters on both sides were motivated.

Democrats look to be headed to runoffs in three races for Republican-held seats that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 and the party has targeted to flip in November's midterms.

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In 2012, roughly 11 percent of registered Republicans voted in their party's primary compared to 4.5 percent of Democrats. The comments mirror hopes among Democrats nationwide that voters will react negatively to the Trump presidency, and that low approval ratings for the Republican president will translate to a boost for Democratic state and local candidates. On February 22nd it distributed an article she had written in 2014 for the Washingtonian, a magazine, in which she said she would "sooner have my teeth pulled out without anaesthesia" than live in Paris, Texas. "Fielding candidates all across the state will allow Democrats to capitalize on the wave election this fall, and will hopefully yield some surprising wins!"

Still, Democrats could rightly boast about a major boost over their 2014 primary turnout, almost doubling the number of votes cast. That doesn't bode well for O'Rourke. O'Rourke and Cruz both easily secured their nominations, setting up a brawl in November's general election. That you're willing to contribute to our country's success.

A record six Texas Republicans and two Democrats are leaving Congress, meaning the state will be losing clout on key House committees.

Sen. Ted Cruz said Wednesday that his re-election campaign was "just having a sense of humor" when it released a radio ad teasing Rep. Beto O'Rourke, who won the Democratic primary, for going by Beto rather than his given name, Robert. There are some reasons why this so-called Democratic surge is happening. In November that year, the Democrats running for statewide office were all beaten. He noted that Lamb did not face a Democratic primary, which often forces candidates to move to the left.

Political campaign signs stand outside a polling station in Austin, Texas, United States March 5, ahead of the first statewide US primary, which will be held in Texas.

Veronica Escobar of El Paso and state Sen.

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In Texas' 32nd District in Dallas, seven Democrats competed to face U.S. Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Dallas.

Whoever wins the May 22 runoff will face an uphill climb in their efforts to unseat Abbott. And a Democratic candidate endorsed by House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer was edged out by a political novice, who is a pastor and former math teacher. "I find it very divisive and dividing of many people and negative".

So, in which 2018 primary races will there be a runoff? "It just stuck", O'Rourke said in a brief phone interview Tuesday night.

The polls are closed but the race to public office is far from over for Texas candidates.

If no candidate in a primary receives at least 50 percent of the votes plus at least one additional vote, the top two vote-getters go head-to-head in a runoff election. Les Carnes finished in third place with 23 percent of the vote.

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