Teenager arrested for impersonating sheriff's deputy

14-year-old accused of posing as sheriff's deputy conducting traffic stop and house calls

Victorville police arrested a 14-year-old who posed as a sheriff's deputy

The boy then started tormenting southern Californians with fake traffic stops and home visits, according to Victorville police. When authorities searched the boy's home, they uncovered all the props he'd been using, including the sheriff's deputy uniform and "counterfeit money, simulation firearms, ballistic vests and other law enforcement related items", police said.

The next day, according to the sheriff's department, Sergeant J. Monroe spotted the Ford Explorer and pulled the vehicle over.

The SUV belonged to the teen's great-grandfather, according to the San Bernardino Sun newspaper.

"He is wearing what appears to be one of the types of uniforms our deputies wear", said Victorville sheriff's station spokeswoman Mara Rodriguez.

Astonishing surveillance footage captured from a camera outside a home shows him pulling up in an unmarked white Ford Explorer, complete with flashing red and blue lights.

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The investigation began Monday when deputies were called out to a home in the 13600 block of Mica Avenue in Victorville.

"The homeowner informed him there was no problem and they had not placed a call to the police", according to the press released.

After a confrontation with the homeowner he left, with the puzzled resident later calling genuine law enforcement officers. "He was like, "Is there a domestic disturbance here?'" said Jasmine". He went to the front door and told the occupants he was there to investigate a reported domestic disturbance. She recalled how the teen attempted to enter her home, checking to see if the door was locked, before abruptly leaving when realizing how many people were inside.

After he left, Jones alerted authorities about the suspicious encounter.

A sheriff deputy's uniform, ballistic vest and fake firearm could be the makings of a Halloween costume.

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The boy, who was on probation at the time of his arrest, was arrested and booked at the High Desert Juvenile Detention Center.

Police also believe the suspect pulled over two other people while he was posing as a law enforcement officer.

The 14-year old great-grandson of the registered owner was detained and later identified as the suspect. He pulled over a red vehicle driven by a woman and obtained her information, then "gave her a warning and let her go". The suspect again activated the emergency lights mounted in the vehicle, causing a white male, approximately 16-years old, to come out of his house. The dressed-up teen told the 16-year-old he was responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Detectives are still trying to locate the other victims.

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