Smoking orangutan: Indonesian zoo condemned for animal cruelty

Smoking orangutan: Indonesian zoo condemned for animal cruelty

Smoking orangutan: Indonesian zoo condemned for animal cruelty

As recently as past year, the zoo was accused of starving bears after footage of the skeletal animals begging for food was posted online and went viral.

The man threw the half-smoked cigarette into the enclosure of the orangutan. The smoking gorilla incident isn't the first time that Bandung Zoo has drawn the ire of animal welfare activists.

The footage, shot on Sunday at Bandung Zoo, shows a visitor toss a cigarette into the primate enclosure, before Ozon, a 22-year-old orangutan, picks it up and begins puffing on it to laughter from the crowd.

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The video received condemnation from an animal activist, who cited the zoo's poor management for such incidents.

Animal activists condemned the visitor's actions but said it underlined the poor state of Indonesia's zoos.

"There's actually a sign at the location which says visitors are not allowed to give food and cigarettes to the animals", Sulhan said. Almost a million people have signed an online petition calling for its closure. The orangutan at the Satwa Taru Jurug zoo in Indonesia was reportedly smoking for a decade.

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Animals from this zoo have been found starved to death, mistreated, abused and chained up. "They are underfed", Gabriella Fredriksson from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, said at the time.

The private zoo, located 75 miles outside Jakarta, was infamous for animals dying, including a giraffe found with 40 pounds of plastic inside its stomach and a critically endangered Sumatran elephant that caused the zoo to close briefly.

Jakarta Globe reported in 2015 that Indonesia now has 58 registered zoos but only four of them are properly accredited or considered passable by the government.

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