Google announces Android P, now available in developer preview

Google announces Android P, now available in developer preview

Google announces Android P, now available in developer preview

Google has finally found a fix for the proximity sensor issues which surfaced on the Pixel 2 XL following the Android 8.1 update in October, 2017. On Android P devices with the proper features enabled, the apps can use the APIs to check their distance relative to a nearby Wi-Fi access point, the post said.

With Lens, users will be able to scan things through the app to receive information, like a dog's breed or a flower type.

Android P has gone official today, and if you were hoping to try it out, there's some good news, and some bad news...

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Google Lens, the feature which allows the Pixel 2's camera to recognise and identify landmarks, objects, etc, is now going to be available on all Android phones via the Photos app.

Given how the smartphone "notch" isn't going away, Google is including support for cutout displays in Android P - it'll make it easier for developers to manage how a screen cutout affects an apps content. Now, the company has made a decision to provide it as a feature to all Google Photo users on Android platform.

As always, this month's Android security patch also comes in two different security strings - one is dated March 1, 2018 whereas the other is dated March 5, 2018.

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So, yes, you can expect more iPhone X-looking Android devices in the future. If you have a Pixel 2 device, the DP1 build now includes an Qualcomm Hexagon HVX driver with acceleration for quantized models. Until now, only the proud owners of Pixel devices could enjoy the visual search features offered by Lens.

As for dev-facing tools, the Android Things Console packs in some new features. Google Lens can recognize what is framed in a picture.

Being a Google product, Android users will be able to update their Google Photos app from the Play Store and can start exploring this application right away. This, requires strenuous software updates so problems are bound to come up. The latest update brings those features across Android devices.

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