Amazon working on fix for Alexa's unprompted laughter

Amazon working on fix for Alexa's unprompted laughter

Amazon working on fix for Alexa's unprompted laughter

Amazon is working on a fix to make Alexa stop laughing without being prompted.

Considering how Alexa's functions are relatively standard regarding what she can and cannot do when users started to notice Alexa laughing they started to freak out.

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Amazon says it has heard about the issue and is working on a solution.

Additional users complained of the same problem in the ensuing days, including one who claimed his Alexa went off as he was dozing off to sleep. The laugh doesn't sound like the machine-voice Alexa has, it sounds like an actual human female.

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"With one simple request, Alexa users will now be able to listen to any album, artist and playlist through Deezer, making it easier than ever to enjoy the music they love". Some people have said the laughter happened in response to unrelated commands, while others reported that it occurred unprompted. Was he afraid? "There's a good chance I get murdered tonight", he added.

Deezer Premium+ users in Canada can finally use their music streaming platform of choice in conjunction with Amazon's Alexa voice-activated assistant. That can be a scary thought when you're home alone and can't quite come to terms with a digital assistant laughing out of the blue for no reason. While that may serve as an explanation for some of the incidents, It seems unlikely that the reports of laughing-all coming within a similar time frame-are all the result of misheard commands.

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In the meantime, Alexa users will just have to deal with Alexa's random fits of laughter.

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