Actress Taylor Hickson sues producers over disfiguring injury

Taylor Hickson in the hospital after she was cut on glass while filming Ghostland

Taylor Hickson in the hospital after she was cut on glass while filming Ghostland

"Deadpool" actress Taylor Hickson is suing Incident Productions Inc. for career-altering facial injuries that she suffered on the set of "Ghostland".

"She has since undergone treatment including laser treatment and silicone treatment, but over one year post-incident, has been left with permanent scarring on the left side of her face", the suit states. The 20-year-old was injured in December 2016 while on set in Canada. On Dec. 15, 2016, Hickson claims she was directed to repeatedly pound her fists against a glass door during the filming of an "emotionally charged scene".

It's worth noting that Laugier is not named as a defendant in the suit, only the film's production company, the ironically named Incident Productions. The suit states that the glass eventually shattered and her head and upper body reportedly fell through the door. "At one point during the filming of the scene, and after being asked to increase the strength with which [she] pounded on the glass, [she] asked one of the producers and the director if it was safe to do so".

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Hickson, who lives in Kelowna, B.C., was rushed to the hospital and received about 70 stitches for her injuries. However, her lawyer told HuffPost that "much of the bruising and swelling" on her face was actually makeup or prosthetics from the shoot.

She's seeking damages for future loss of income and mental distress, and alleges that she has struggled to find work since the injury.

'The crafts services lady held my face together with napkins in her hands, ' Hickson told Deadline.

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Since the accident, the actress has had laser and silicone treatments to fix the damage to her face.

In an interview with Deadline, Hickson says of the injury, "It's been mass amounts of insecurity, conflicted, confused, hurt, angry, and sad that this was my last day on set and no precautions were taken". "It is unknown at this time if any further treatment, including plastic surgery, would reduce the visual appearance of the injury".

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