Transgender wrestler Mack Beggs survives first day of state finals



The reason for these boos has a lot to do with the low dose of testosterone that Beggs is taking as part of his steroid therapy treatment, which many feel give him an unfair advantage over his female counterparts.

The transgender senior from Euless Trinity High School just outside Dallas, Texas, took her record to a ideal 32-0 in a Houston area tournament, the UIL State Wrestling Championships at the Berry Center in Cypress, Texas, against her non-testosterone-taking challenger, Chelsea Sanchez, who she also beat in 2017 for the same title - but not without controversy.

UIL has said publicly they never received an official request from Beggs asking to wrestle boys instead of girls. "No matter who you put in front of me, I am a champion".

Beggs had tried to compete in the boys division but was knocked back by the State, which now says that athletes can only compete in the gender determined by their birth certificate. The birth certificate rule was approved in 2016 by the University Interscholastic League, the governing body for Texas high school sports. It just comes down to technique, who has the most heart. As he defeated Sanchez, boos rang out from the crowd.

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McNew would not make Beggs available for interviews ahead of the state meet.

Beggs entered the state tournament with a 32-0 record, beating three female wrestlers on his way to the championship.

Beggs successfully won the state championship for the second straight year on Saturday, but when he was declared the victor, he was met with a hail of boos from numerous spectators in attendance.

"The UIL is not in the gender-determining business and schools don't want to be either", UIL deputy director Jamey Harrison told the Associated Press.

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Despite all the backlash, Beggs entered the ring and capped a flawless 36-0 season. An opposing coach and her teammates had insisted she wrestle Beggs, but she refused, McNew said.

Still, other parents at the school say that despite everyone's support for Beggs' "transitioning", he shouldn't be allowed to compete in a contest of strength among other girls.

Beggs didn't want to be in this situation.

A high school girl using steroids to help her transition to "male" has won her second girls' wrestling tournament. This year I wanted to prove a point that anyone can do anything. "That didn't stop me from being who I was", he said. It finally paid off.

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