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The Walking Dead’ Midseason Premiere Everything You Need To Know Before Season 8 Continues

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Warning: Spoilers for the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 8 ahead. "Honor" hinged on the harrowing death of a beloved and long-standing character, in a development that is stunningly bleak even by the standards of this show.

These days, "The Walking Dead" can't seem to let an episode end without a unusual flash forward that leaves us questioning everything we know about the series. He said goodbye to his family with no fear, wanting nothing more than to soothe them and leave them feeling as strong as he felt.

The last scene I shot was my farewell scene to Judith.

And we'd tell you where Rick Grimes fell on the calm/crazy scale this week, but his tears short-circuited the mechanism. The show seemed to tease this exact time jump with the flash-fowards scenes in the season eight premiere. "He's already said a lot of his goodbyes, and then actually gets to talk to Rick and Michonne, and tell Rick whatever he can". In retrospect, this is likely when he was bitten.

Biggest question: There's a good chance that numerous people watching this episode felt uncomfortable when Eugene and Negan appeared in Carl's dream, both cheerfully talking to Judith as if neither of them had ever been part of the savage group that destroyed her home.

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"Probably now a little too big", Gimple said.

Sure, that fits with the constant reinvention of The Walking Dead for TV audiences, but why did it have to be Carl to usher in the new era? That's clearly the same flash-forward from earlier in the episode when he says: "My mercy prevails over my wrath".

Despite the two attempting to fight them off Carl became overwhelmed at one point and was pinned to the ground by two of the Walker. As the seasons progressed, the two always depended on each other, making Carl's death only that much harder.

The devastating end of the episode saw Carl send Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) outside so they wouldn't have to watch him shoot himself in the head to prevent a post-death walker transformation. August 31st was the last day and I knew it was coming for a long time, but it was weird to think that that would be it. As expected, he receives the wound while trying to protect Siddiq from some menacing walkers, and he's ambushed by a biter that gets the better of him during the encounter.

MVP: Michonne, for her reaction to Carl's passing. Since he was still alive and cogent, he was able to end things himself instead of becoming a walker. On the bright side, we've gotten to see some comic book staples (The Governor, Negan, The Wolves) grace the screen. Carl's departure from the show also hung over the set as Chandler Riggs was filming his last scenes as the character, the final one being his farewell to Judith.

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'It's heartbreaking and losing Chandler is a real loss, ' Lennie said. I don't think he's the kind of guy who would ever be content to just take orders from someone else. "And have people see my work". One that shows Negan joyfully greeting little Judith Grimes in this peaceful future.

Beyond this, of course, the most intriguing aspect to Morgan's scenes is enforced by the fact that - in seven episodes time - Morgan will have somehow made his way into the centre of action alongside Madison (Kim Dickens) and company in the forthcoming season of Fear the Walking Dead.

As Carl hinted to Judith, he tried to show his father the way.

Carl's final words to his sister are a tribute to the mother she never knew: "Before mom died, she told me I was going to beat this world". "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. I know you will", he tells her. In this world, these things happen - ultimately pointless scenes will see major players die.

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