Jacinda Ardern: 'creepy' interview with pregnant New Zealand PM sparks outrage

Speaking to the New Zealand Prime Minister on 60 Minutes on Sunday night Mr Wooley said'I've met a lot of Prime Ministers in my time... but never one so attractive

Jacinda Ardern: 'creepy' interview with pregnant New Zealand PM sparks outrage

New Zealand PM, Jacinda Ardern, took part in what is being called one of the most "uncomfortable" 60 Minutes interviews to date.

Wooley also asked the New Zealand Prime Minister "one really important political question".

"In terms of being pregnant, how much of a help in those approval ratings do you think the baby - how much does he help out?" is how Wooley opened the interview, managing to immediately link Ardern's impressive popularity to her uterus.

"I've met a lot of prime ministers in my time", Wooley said at one point.

The interview has primarily been denounced for not focusing on Ms Ardern's policy or her work as New Zealand Prime Minister.

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But instead he asked questions about the conception of their child, which resulted in a surprised reaction from both Ms Ardern and Mr Gayford.

When Ms Ardern replied "June 17", Mr Wooley observed: "It's interesting how many people have been counting back to the conception, as it were".

"You're assuming I haven't been asked by New Zealand media that question before as well".

Some viewers were incensed when Wooley questioned the Prime Minister on her pregnancy which will make her the first elected female western leader to have a child in office.

Ardern also emphasised the importance of a rules-based global framework, while saying New Zealand was a small country that needed many friends. "Not that we need to get into those details". "I don't know. I just wasn't particularly phased by any of it".

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Another critic said the tone of the interview left him "gagging".

Ardern was asked about the interview during a press conference on Monday and said that she "wasn't fazed" by the questions and that the baby-conceiving stuff should go "under the heading of 'too much information'".

Wooley in response to the criticism said he had not questioned Ardern about domestic issues such as housing or tertiary education because those topics would not interest his Australian audience.

The journalist has said outrage is "Orwellian" and claimed in his thesaurus that the word "attractive" is defined as "50 choices from good looking to gorgeous to likeable, there is so many different meanings".

"On 60 Minutes they want to see this wonderful couple". I thought they were so much fun, such a breath of fresh air.

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