Mobile to build out 5G in 30 cities this year

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Equipment makers like Ericsson and Nokia are eagerly developing 5G gear to cash in on the building boom

S 0.57% earlier this week said it would prepare its infrastructure in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles with "5G-like capabilities" that should give cellphone users faster internet connections. Sprint will expand to additional markets including Atlanta, Houston and Washington, D.C. later this year. The wireless carrier has now revealed which markets in the United States will begin the 5G rollout by being the first areas where Massive MIMO radios will be deployed. Sprint says only that its new hardware offers "up to 10 times the capacity of current LTE systems", which should help improve overall performance for customers in high-traffic locations. It's looking like the first 5G devices to go on sale won't be phones at all, but rather mobile hotspots ...

Ray also praised announcements Monday that federal regulators would work to free more mid-band spectrum and hold auctions in the 28 GHz and 24 GHz bands.

The Bellevue carrier announced its plans Tuesday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and named four of the first 30 cities: New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas.

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5G is also very broad in that it covers a lot of different technologies-including support for a wide range of spectrum. Massive MIMO uses far more: there's a total of 128 antennas on Sprints arrays, with 64 for transmitting and 64 for receiving, which should enable faster speeds.

"Massive MIMO is a game changer for TDD-LTE networks that's being used by leading operators around the world to deploy Gigabit LTE and 5G", Sprint CTO Dr John Saw said.

The Massive MIMO radios can be software upgraded to support 5G, with its spectrum holdings meaning it can offer enough capacity to operate 5G and LTE simultaneously over these radios.

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Although he said the millimeter wave spectrum utilized by his rivals would be unable to support a broad 5G network in the USA, those bands nonetheless hold "great capability" in dense, urban environments, Ray said.

Massive MIMO is a key part of Sprint's Next-Gen Network strategy.

T-Mobile will spend much of 2018 building out its 5G network in the 30 selected cities ahead of next year's unveiling.

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