Florida governor seeks new gun restrictions

Florida governor seeks new gun restrictions

Florida governor seeks new gun restrictions

Rumsky was among those who traveled to Tallahassee on Wednesday to lobby lawmakers about gun control.

Governor Rick Scott announces major plan in aftermath of tragic school shooting.

However, the meaning behind the music changed for Kingsburg high's concert band after news broke of the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida just last week.

"They are incredibly fearless and strong - a lot of them know that emotionally and some of them physically".

"I met with one that was grazed with a bullet. We've got to have the resources available at the right place, at the right time", said Stacey Cook-Hawk, MSW, LCSW of SalusCare.

"It makes me anxious, because that could be the first step leading to what Trump said, that he might arm teachers with guns", student Mandy Jaiang said. Broward Superintendent Robert Runcie said he hates the idea, adding teacher "have a challenging enough job" already.

Trump told reporters Friday that schools need some kind of "offensive" capability to deter and respond to attackers. "Not all of them, but you would have a lot". It won't be happening again.

More bombs fall on Ghouta ahead of United Nations vote
Previous attempts at a cessation of hostilities in Syria have quickly unraveled. "There needs to be a no-fly zone", Mehmud said. A spokesperson for the Syrian Civil Defence search-and-rescue group said eastern Ghouta was being targeted for "extermination".

Scot Peterson, 54, who had worked in law enforcement for 33 years and been a full-time resource officer at the school since 2009, resigned after the Broward Sheriff's Office suspended him without pay for doing "nothing" as 17 students and staff were shot dead.

Stoneman Douglas, with more than 3,000 students, had one armed resource officer who never entered the building under attack while a gunman was shooting people inside, officials said.

The 19-year-old had amassed multiple guns following his mother's death in November, and had posted on social media that "he wants to kill people", the caller said, describing a history of disruptive and violent behaviour.

Florida's House speaker called it an "abject breakdown at all levels".

Cruz is facing 17 counts of premeditated murder and is being held without bail. The FBI has acknowledged it failed to investigate the tip. Authorities have said that Cruz was expelled a year ago for unspecified disciplinary problems.

Gun advocates believe that many with mental health issues slip through the cracks.

Three other Broward Country Sheriff's deputies also stayed outside the school and did not enter as the crisis unfolded, United States media reported. It's common sense, and it is in their own best interest - not to mention the interests of our communities.

L'ambassade transférée à Jérusalem en mai
Il avait demandé au département d'Etat de préparer le déménagement de la représentation diplomatique américaine en Israël. Les Palestiniens revendiquent en effet Jérusalem-Est, annexé par Israël, comme la capitale de l'Etat auquel ils aspirent.

Trump claimed his proposal to arm teachers, which has been strongly criticized by the nation's largest teachers' unions, was drawing support.

Asked about Trump's proposal that teachers carry concealed weapons, Scott replied: "My focus is on providing more law enforcement officers, not on arming the teachers".

Scott said the plan will address strengthening gun laws to keep "guns away from risky and violent people".

"We must take care of our kids", Scott, a Republican, said at a news conference announcing his three-part plan.

He did not ask for any specific weapons to be banned and a couple of times mentioned that he is a member of the National Rifle Association.

Scott called for an anonymous K-12 "See Something, Say Something" hotline, website and mobile app, funding "to require access to dedicated mental health counselors to provide direct counseling services", the creation of "threat assessment" teams at each school, and "crisis intervention training for all school personnel". But she said a three-day waiting period would not have stopped the Parkland shooter; bump stocks had nothing to do with it; and raising the age limit for gun purchases would be unfair.

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Stephen Fry has told fans about his battle with prostate cancer in a video posted to his website, Friday. Stephen Fry revealed today he has undergone surgery to remove his prostate, due to cancer.

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