Tag: Privacy Protection Mode

Tag: Privacy Protection Mode

Tag: Privacy Protection Mode

The company has revived the app under the name Samsung Max. This all went away when Opera announced it was shutting down the app. The app still retains its five tabs on the bottom for the navigation, with a Privacy Protection Mode and Data Saving Modes for Wi-Fi and mobile data alike, but the fifth tab for app management is now restricted unless you opt into what Samsung is calling 'Premium mode'.

Samsung Max is effectively the same as Opera Max, though the Korean technology giant said that it will "improve" the data-saving and privacy-protection modes, and it has also given the interface and UX a bit of a spit shine. For anyone with a costly data package - or for anyone looking to reduce the cost of phone use while overseas -the app reduces data consumption through a combination of compression and blocking. It constantly scans for data saving opportunities and will offer advice on how to save data. This makes the two features accessible to more of the Samsung users.

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Public WiFi is readily available across the major towns and cities to allow uninterrupted connectivity when it is needed. Samsung Max offers a one-tap encryption solution to secure WiFi hotspots. Tracker blocking and DNS masking features make accessing the web a safer experience.

Samsung Max will come pre-loaded on all Galaxy A and Galaxy J series smartphones in India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam. These are countries typically with low internet usage caps so is often essential for users to watch exactly what apps are consuming their plan.

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Not only this, this app can encrypt your data when it is sent through non-secure Wi-Fi networks. The app known as Samsung Max can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store. When in Data Saving Mode, Samsung Max will tell you which applications are using the most data, and it can compress images, videos, and webpages automatically to stem heavy data usage. Unfortunately, those of you using a non-Samsung device are going to be locked out of the browser after the switch has been made, but Samsung seems to suggest that will change in the future.

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