Germany Shocks Canada in Olympic Men's Hockey Semifinal

Germany Shocks Canada in Olympic Men's Hockey Semifinal

Germany Shocks Canada in Olympic Men's Hockey Semifinal

Faking a backhand Lamoureux-Davidson beat Canada goaltender Shannon Szabados with a forehand on a move she and her twin sister developed as children. Rooney stopped the last two Canadian shooters in the shootout in Brianne Jenner and then Agosta on her second attempt.

Canada will face Germany in the other men's hockey semi-final later on Friday to determine who will go up against the Russian athletes for the gold medal in this year's event.

After the US tied the game at 2-2 in the fifth end, neither team could score in the sixth or seventh.

Some will surely say this was a victory for women's hockey.

"Everybody talks about 1976 and winning bronze medal, and now for the next 50 years they're going to talk about us", German defenseman Christian Ehrhoff said. "It just shows how much women's hockey is growing".

In curling-speak, Koe put it like this: "For sure, if my first one doesn't rub and we get by, we're probably getting two".

"To actually get to a game like that - man!".

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The win was redemption for the Americans, who lost in overtime four years ago in Sochi. "He's obviously played well the past few games to get where he has, and I'm sure he'll play well in the final".

The Americans jumped ahead in the first period.

The arena was rife with Russian fans displaying tricolor flags and banners from many corners of the country, from Kursk to Kazan and Siberia, and drowning out the smaller number of Czech fans with chants of "Russia" and "Shaibu!", which roughly translates to "Score a goal!". That set up a crucial sequence with just under 7 minutes left in the third.

Uppermost in USA coach Robb Stauber's mind as he watched the celebration were 10 United States players who went through heartache four years ago at Sochi when the U.S. surrendered a last-minute equalizer to Canada and lost in over-time. The 20-year-old from Newmarket, Ont., fell three times - on her opening triple toeloop-triple toeloop combination, her triple Lutz, and triple flip.

"It's indescribable how happy it is to be an Olympic champion", Monique Lamoureux-Morando said.

The pass was right on the mark.

Three periods and one overtime couldn't settle the matter.

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That memory probably won't ever leave them, but it looked a million miles behind them as they kept touching and admiring the gold medals that dangled from their necks. Gigi Marvin, the oldest on the roster at 30, has been rooming with Rooney.

And like Lamoureux-Davidson, the youngster delivered in the biggest moment. A deke to the left.

Germany had never before beaten Sweden at the Olympics, and after doing so even coach Marco Sturm conceded his team's expectations and goals have changed throughout the tournament.

Knight gave the US a 1-0 lead with 25.4 seconds left in the first, redirecting a shot from Sidney Morin through Szabados' pads to give the Americans a jolt of energy. "When she cut across, a lot of people go 5-hole".

"We didn't know what to expect.", Sturm said.

She didn't totally stop the puck, but got enough of it to leave it about a foot short of the goal line. The celebration was on.

"Every single day from the time the last Olympics ended and we decided we were going out for another cycle, everything single day, everything I've done has always had this day, this moment in the back of the my mind, the front of my mind". "It's unfortunate this had to come down to a shootout".

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