First National Bank won't renew contract with NRA

A cap and shirt are displayed at the NRA booth at the Conservative Political Action Conference at National Harbor Maryland US

First National Bank won't renew contract with NRA

Symantec is ending a partnership deal with the National Rifle Association amid backlash against it after the recent school shooting in Parkland, Fla.

In addition, the auto rental company Enterprise said its three brands would end a discount program for NRA members. No other information on the decision was given.

First national members will still be able to purchase NRA-branded prepaid Visa debit cards because they were made available through a separate entity, NetSpend. "The "valuable 5-star benefits" promised include not just a subscription to an NRA magazine and a gun-owner liability protection policy but also savings on insurance, identity theft protection, hearing aids, auto rentals, moving vans, shipping, and even wine", Kira Lerner and Josh Israel wrote on its site.

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"FNBO has informed us of its intention not to renew the NRA co-branded card program when its agreement with the NRA expires", Visa said.

In a Twitter post, First National Bank said customer feedback forced the examination of the bank's relationship with the NRA, and ss a result, the bank will no longer offer the NRA Visa card.

None of the companies gave details about why or when they chose to cut ties with the NRA, but the news comes as the hashtag #BoycottNRA has taken social media by storm. There has been pressure on numerous companies to sever ties with the NRA, and Symantec is the first big name in tech to make the move.

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There are many companies who have not responded to comments regarding their relationships with the NRA, but some have spoke out and said they will stick with the NRA regardless. Enterprise Holdings was also named on the list. Both advertise discounts to NRA members. "This change will be effective March 26". A phone message left with that office was not immediately returned.

First National Bank of Omaha had been taking heat on social media due to its relationship with the National Rifle Association.

"However, banks are in the business of managing risks of all kinds, and First National clearly sees this as one they're willing to take".

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