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And now, Bennett is teasing an extremely dramatic finale, which is set to air on Monday, March 5 on ABC. This is actually Kendall's first one-on-one this whole season, and she starts out by showing him her taxidermy collection and teaching him how to mount a rat. Hey, if BIP worked for Raven, it just might work for her BFF!

Tia Booth hails from Arkansas and she is a contestant on The Bachelor 2018.

Arie insists that he's falling for Kendall. Whereas Kendall? "She's got the heart of a gypsy". What about his other relationships? she wanted to know.

Her uncle said the other uncles in the family are like her "guard dogs" because her father is not around anymore. The race doesn't prepare Arie for the rapid fire questions Tia's family has planned for him. Tia then brought Arie home to meet her mother and father, Denise and Kenny, her brother Jason, her aunt Carol and her cousin Rhonda.

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Her father grills Arie with the same intensity as Jason. Despite the pressure from both men, Arie passes their test with flying colors and receives the proposal blessing he asks for.

"This is some Silence of the Lambs stuff", Arie said. Arie, you placid bowl of tapioca pudding, you've finally broken me. Arie becomes overwhelmed with stress at the family dinner and must leave the table. However, Becca assures her that she has very real feelings for Arie, and eventually, her mom comes around.

Before I came on the show I would have thought I would never want to do The Bachelorette and give myself to that but after doing this.

"I just got the opportunity to talk with him a week later at his hotel in L.A. and it was filmed and everything but it didn't make the cut", the California native perviously told Entertainment Tonight of the reunion.

When he returns, he sits down for a one-on-one conversation with her dad, where they bond over their passion for the military.

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How romantic? Arie seems to think so because he still decides to meet her family and admits that he's falling for her. The two seemed to connect after Arie shared a story about participating in a Goodwill tour of Iraq to visit USA troops.

About that getting engaged stuff: when Arie visited Kendall's family home, twin sister Kylie was evasive when Arie said he was falling for Kendall and asked if she was ready for a proposal. The installment will end with a tense rose ceremony and one woman's elimination. He was clearly conflicted about it. Arie told host Chris Harrison that he had no idea what he was going to do and had to step away from the ceremony to compose himself.

Kendall, Becca, Tia, and Lauren B. will meet Arie in their hometowns, dates that Arie will find rather uncomfortable. He insists that he will be a good guy for Tia, and gets her dad's blessing to propose because he trusts his daughter's judgment. At the end of the night, one suitress will say goodbye. Still, in the vehicle she continued to cry.

One thing that can instantly make an episode of The Bachelor better is a cameo from an alumnus.

While Bekah and Arie's 14-year age difference was a point of concern for the Bachelor throughout the show, the two shared a pretty strong connection, and Bekah was shocked to not receive a rose before hometowns.

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